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  1. the youth
    Millennial Party Monsters Overwhelm Kate Moss’s PartyKendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, and Harry Styles, to name a few too many. 
  2. millennials
    No, Millennials Aren’t Weird Texting AliensSome millennials even like communicating with their voices instead of text.
  3. millennials
    Anatomy of a Terrible Anti-Millennials Trend Piece“Just ugh,” he tweeted angrily.
  4. how are we doing?
    Do Millennials Make Good Personal Assistants or Nah?An analysis from The Hollywood Reporter
  5. growing up
    Here’s How Those Darn Millennials Define AdulthoodGrowing up. 
  6. millennials
    Millennials May Actually Be Ready to Pay RentPacking our bags, promising to call. 
  7. Maybe Millennials Aren’t Narcissists After All?A study ties entering adulthood in a lousy economy with lower rates of the me-me-meeee personality traits.
  8. checking in
    Youths Check Their Phones Every 10 MinutesEver reliable, those youths.
  9. Millennials So Shiny, Happy, It Makes Everyone Else IllSomeone tell this generation to put away that joie de vivre
  10. See: Restless Collective’s Beautiful Photographs of Millennials Around the WorldTwo artists biked to 24 countries and photographed over 700 millennials.
  11. Survey: 30 Percent of Millennial Moms Text Their Partners Instead of Talkinghey, r u home? where’s the binky? :/ 
  12. my generation
    Baby Boomers Want to Be Just Like Us When They Grow UpPlanning their retirement, they look to millennials for tips.
  13. current and future trophy wives
    Millennials: Junior Versions of Trophy Wives?Both have a distaste for work and a love of luxury, according to the Boston Globe.
  14. 81 Percent of Millennials Post Their Photos on the InternetSurely it’s 100 percent of the millennials you know though.
  15. mogul talk
    Why Do Millennials Love Martha But Not Oprah?The ex-con domestic goddess crosses the irony threshold.
  16. Broke Twentysomethings Continue to Spend Money on Frivolous, Expensive ThingsThey’re the fastest-growing demographic of luxury-goods consumers.