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Milo Yiannopoulos

  1. behind the scenes
    The Pro-Life ‘Roe v. Wade’ Movie Sounds Like a Total DisasterThe film features scenes with “buckets of baby fetuses” and cameos by Tomi Lahren and Milo Yiannopolous.
  2. trolls
    Milo Yiannopoulos Is Suing Simon & Schuster for $10 MillionThis comes after they backed out of publishing his book.
  3. alt right
    Milo Yiannopoulos’s Book Is a Love Letter to HimselfAccording to a draft obtained by BuzzFeed.
  4. politics
    Roxane Gay Calls Out Simon & Schuster After They Drop Milo Yiannopoulos“They did not finally ‘do the right thing’ and now we know where their threshold, pun intended, lies.”
  5. don’t feed the trolls
    Alt-Right Troll’s Visit to UC Berkeley Canceled After Student ProtestsStudents threw fireworks at a building and started a fire on campus.
  6. money meets mouth
    Roxane Gay Pulled Her Book From Simon & Schuster to Protest Milo“I guess I’m putting my money where my mouth is.”
  7. controversies
    Milo Yiannopoulos’s Publisher Addresses Book Controversy in a Letter to AuthorsSimon & Schuster CEO Carolyn Reidy wrote, “I want to make clear that we do not support or condone, nor will we publish, hate speech.”
  8. Simon & Schuster Defends Publishing Deal With Troll Milo YiannopoulosThe publishing giant has doubled down on the deal.
  9. The Alt-Right’s Worst Troll Gets $250,000 Book DealMilo Yiannopoulos is going to be an author.
  10. sexual harassment
    Alt-Right Troll Uses Campus Visit to Openly Mock a Transgender StudentHe flashed the student’s image onscreen in front of hundreds of people.
  11. politics
    Trump’s National Security Adviser Thinks This Notorious Troll Is ‘Phenomenal’Flynn called him “one of the most brave people that I’ve ever met.”
  12. the alt-right
    Watch This Woman-Hating Internet Troll Get Grilled on Live TVChannel 4 reporter Cathy Newman took him to task for his hate speech and many contradictions.
  13. twitter trolls
    Twitter Bars Milo After Harrassing Leslie JonesMilo Yiannopoulos was one of the most contentious ultra-conservative voices on Twitter, but he finally went too far.