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Mind The Gap

  1. mind the gap
    How One Couple Quit Their Jobs and Traveled for a YearA new book shows how they made it work after dating for four months.
  2. this is insulting
    Hey, Women, the Wage Gap Closed by One Cent This Year!Progress?
  3. shameless
    Wait, When Did the Gap Get Good Again?We’re not even being sarcastic.
  4. pregnant princesses!!
    Kate Middleton’s Token Tube Photo Op Is CompleteThe Queen was there, too.
  5. Patrick Robinson’s Post-Gap Comeback BeginsHe’s launching a new label through Kickstarter.
  6. mind the gap
    Gymboree May Foul Up Gap’s Turnaround PlanOuch.
  7. mind the gap
    Shoe Designer Charles Philip Sues Gap Over Alleged Copycat SlippersHe wants them to pull shoes he said are copied off the shelves.
  8. ins and outs
    Gap Finally Fills That Empty Creative Director SeatRebekka Bay replaces Patrick Robinson at last.
  9. dapper men
    GQ’s Best New Menswear Designers to Collaborate With the GapThe six designers get the chance to produce a limited-edition collection.
  10. kids these days
    Look, Diane Von Furstenberg With Small Children!Admit it, you needed this today.
  11. mind the gap
    The Gap’s New Advisor Is J.Crew’s Former PresidentCan Tracy Gardner save the brand?
  12. mind the gap
    Gap.com’s Customer Service Is Lacking, ApparentlyAccording to a new study.
  13. model tracker
    Model Sasha Pivovarova Designed Some Printed Sleepwear for GapBodyShe created a series of “whimsical drawings” which Gap used as prints on comfy separates.
  14. mind the gap
    Gap Is Suffering Even More Than AnticipatedGap’s CEO admits that they just aren’t attracting shoppers.
  15. mind the gap
    Gap Kids Is Selling Sequined ‘Party Shorts’ This WinterSome customers think they’re inappropriate.
  16. mind the gap
    Lots of Gap Inc. Stores Will Be Open on ThanksgivingIncluding Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Athleta locations.
  17. mind the gap
    The Gap Is Going to Fix Itself Up So That Lots of People Want to Shop ThereWell that’s the plan anyway.
  18. mind the gap
    Reports: Diane Von Furstenberg Is Working on a Gap Kids LineTo launch next spring, lore has it.
  19. mind the gap
    Gap’s Profit Outlook Is in the DumpsThey’ve slashed it by twenty percent.
  20. loose threads
    Karl Lagerfeld Lost His Diamond Pin at the CFDA Awards; Tumblr Launched a StoreAlso, a huge and very rare pink diamond sold for $46.1 million in Switzerland.
  21. mind the gap
    The Gap Sells a Baby Onesie Bearing an Illustration of a Chanel BagBabies are so materialistic these days.
  22. mind the gap
    Patrick Robinson Doesn’t Want the Gap To Be So ‘Heritage’ AnymoreBut isn’t heritage supposedly hot right now?
  23. loose threads
    Blogger Julia Frakes Stars in Gap’s Ad Campaign, Marion Cotillard Models Christian Dior on a Ferris WheelAlso, see American Apparel’s rejected Halloween-costume ideas.
  24. mind the gap
    It’s a Good Thing the Gap Took That Ugly Trial Logo Off Its SiteBecause they want to double online sales by 2015.
  25. mind the gap
    The Bad-New-Gap-Logo Fun Just Doesn’t QuitThe launch of craplogo.me sure didn’t take long.
  26. mind the gap
    The Gap Wants You to Help Fix Their New LogoOoh ooh we have an idea!
  27. mind the gap
    Deciphering the Meaning of Gap’s New LogoIt’s not meeting a whole lot of praise.
  28. mind the gap
    Can Patrick Robinson Finally Get People to Shop at the Gap?He better, because the company is tired of losing money.
  29. mind the gap
    Stella McCartney to Do Another Collection for GapKidsKids have all the fun.
  30. mind the gap
    Stella McCartney’s Adorable GapKids Collection Is Quite High-FashionIf little boys don’t want the intricately embroidered military jackets, we’re sure adults will.
  31. mind the gap
    Merci Gap Concept Shop Brings French Style to MidtownStarting September 10, the Gap will open a Merci pop-up store. Marie-France Cohen explained the project to us.
  32. mind the gap
    Gap Bribes Wall Street Traders With Free JeansAnd their stock reached its highest price since last September.
  33. mind the gap
    Uniqlo Owner to Buy the Gap?The owner wants to expand, and buying a chain is easier than opening a bunch of new stores.
  34. mind the gap
    Gap’s Profits Rise, But Not Because They’re Selling More ClothesIn fact, sales are actually declining.
  35. mind the gap
    Gap Trying to Make Money by Closing U.S. Stores, Expanding EastThey announced this in a meeting yesterday held to convince investors they plan to start making money soon.