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Mind The Gender Gap

  1. mind the gender gap
    1 in 4 Think We’ll Be Able to Time Travel Before Reaching Gender EqualityAccording to a new report by the Rockefeller Foundation.
  2. mind the gender gap
    Women Have Way More Student-Loan Debt Than MenA new report shows student-loan debt is a women’s issue.
  3. mind the gender gap
    More Than 90 Percent of New Jobs in March Reportedly Went to MenOut of 98,000 new jobs in March, only 9,000 went to women, according to a report.
  4. mind the gender gap
    Why Is the Trump Team Looking Into State Department Gender-Equality Programs?Officials reportedly fear what this means.
  5. mind the gender gap
    How to Walk Out of Work to Protest the Gender Pay Gap Like a French GirlTrès chic.
  6. mind the gender gap
    The Average Woman Works 4 Years Longer Than Her Male PeersThat’s one month of extra labor each year.