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  1. your mileage may vary
    Try This Advice If You’re Terrible at Staying in the MomentThere are two types of “scheduling styles.”
  2. tastemakers
    The Entrepreneur Combining Wellness and Design3rd Ritual’s founder reveals her secrets to balance and her guiltiest pleasure.
  3. Being Mindful Makes You Less Likely to Screw Up Your RelationshipIt helps to be “aware of, and then cope constructively with, negative reactions to challenging relationship experiences.”
  4. neuroscience
    Is the Default Mode of the Brain to Suffer?Mental meanderings are “the baseline state of you as a cognitive system” — is that a good thing?
  5. mindfulness
    A Psychiatrist on Why Your Mind ‘Has a Mind of Its Own’“You don’t have a programmer, or a conductor — it’s just built into the nature of a complex system to have self-organization.”
  6. buddhism
    The Problem With Headspace and All Those Mindfulness AdsSpiritual materialism.
  7. mindfulness
    Is the Mindfulness Craze Turning Us Into Suckers?When people focus too much on psychological tricks, there’s a chance they can miss the bigger forces swirling around.
  8. Why the Fastest Runners Are Astonishingly ChillIf you want to go faster, longer, you need to relax.
  9. Everyone Should Make Time for DaydreamingIt’s worth spending a little time each day imagining the world beyond the present moment.
  10. So Tennis Zen Is the Secret to Being the Best Coach in the NBA or NFLWords suck.
  11. A Form of Therapy That Convinces You to Go to the GymResearch on exercise aversion suggests that “acceptance commitment therapy” can be a powerful motivator.
  12. sport psychology
    How Sport Psychologists Would Help Dwight Howard Get Over His Jump-Shot PhobiaAnd there are lessons here even for those of us who aren’t seven-foot-tall all-star NBA centers.
  13. Is Mindfulness Overrated?A new analysis suggests the benefits reported in many studies may have been overstated.
  14. Can Mindfulness Reduce Mindless Eating?A new study offers some promising hints about how to get people to stop eating all the chips.
  15. You Don’t Need to Make Time for MindfulnessYou’re probably already “doing” mindfulness, so relax. 
  16. happiness
    Your Boss Wants You to Be Happier. This Is Not a Good Thing.A new book uncovers the tricky thinking behind the science of employee happiness. 
  17. happiness
    An Interview With the French Author Who Has Happiness Figured OutFrederic Lenoir’s French best seller, Happiness: A Philosopher’s Guide, arrives in America. 
  18. sleep
    Mindfulness Could Be a Cheap, Easy Sleep AidIn a new study, it had a bigger effect than a more traditional insomnia-fighting technique.
  19. kids
    A Wisconsin Preschool Tried a ‘Kindness Curriculum’Improving the kids’ emotional skills improved their academic skills, as it turned out. 
  20. In Praise of Spacing OutBecause you can’t be mindful all the time. 
  21. anxiety
    6 Tips for Fighting Anxiety, 1 of Which Is Really ImportantBasically, it comes down to breathing.
  22. mindfulness
    Meeting the Bare Minimum for Meditation Sounds HardTwenty-five minutes a day, three days in a row. Who has the time?!
  23. Men Would Rather Shock Themselves Than Sit AloneBoredom is apparently really, really hard on some people.
  24. Nightline Host Dan Harris Explains How to RelaxThere’s a difference between thinking a problem through and obsessing over it.
  25. A Non-Diet Diet: The Case for Eating Whatever You WantLose weight by not freaking out about losing weight.
  26. mindfulness
    Mindfulness Meditation Could Help Stressed-Out SoldiersMeditation could help counteract the mental toll of combat.