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  1. what’s the reference?
    An Early Aughts Staple Has Us in a HoldA personal shopper gives us tips on how to wear a camo miniskirt.
  2. fashion
    The Life Span of a Micro-Mini TrendHow the Miu Miu miniskirt ended up on every fashion-magazine cover.
  3. screen time
    Some Tips for Buying a Miniskirt OnlineSet your legs free after a year of sitting.
  4. See Cool Photos of the Real Jean ShrimptonA totally indulgent vintage slideshow of the model’s cool style.
  5. fall uniforms
    10 Cool Fall Boots and the Miniskirts to Go With ThemSurprisingly comfortable. 
  6. best bets
    Best Bet: Zara Pinstripe MiniFor business or pleasure.
  7. trendlets
    19 Printed Miniskirts to Wear Into FallPair with a tee and sandals now, tights and ankle boots later.
  8. Stay Cool in the Heat With a Chic Camisole-and-Miniskirt ComboA thick belt will make sure nothing comes untucked.
  9. this plus that
    How to Mix a Menswear Shirt With a Graphic SkirtFinish it off with a chunky white shoe.
  10. skirt alert
    Uganda Wants to Ban MiniskirtsA government official says they cause traffic accidents.