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Miss Dior

  1. let’s makeup
    Natalie Portman on Hollywood Beauty Standards and the Quest for Perfection“I’ve never really been about perfection.”
  2. dreams
    Watch Natalie Portman Destroy a Perfect WeddingSo glad she’s back.
  3. ahoy paris
    Natalie Portman and Karl Lagerfeld Fete Dior’s New Exhibition in ParisThey checked out perfume-inspired art by fifteen female artists.
  4. faces of things
    Jennifer Lawrence’s Second Dior Campaign Is HereThey’re just begging for a “makeup-free” headline.
  5. faces of things
    When Jennifer Lawrence First Saw Her Miss Dior Campaign“I love Photoshop more than anything in the world.”
  6. faces of things
    Jennifer Lawrence Replaces Mila Kunis for Miss DiorHer first ad campaign is out.
  7. faces of things
    Jennifer Lawrence Lands Dior CampaignNot too shabby.