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  1. party lines
    Daphne Guinness Dresses Up for the Old People Who Laugh at Her in Airports, Not the Fashion CrowdPlus other truths learned from the fashion idol at ACRIA’s Cocktails at Sunset benefit in Bridgehampton.
  2. party lines
    Leigh Lezark Is Glad Kids Have ‘Some Faggots and a Girl’ to Look Up To“Not a tall, five-foot-ten blonde model, whatever,” she adds.
  3. party report
    The MisShapes Disdain Homelessness, But Have Sex in Public All the Same“My sweater’s probably worth more than your apartment.”
  4. wintour wonderland
    Is Leigh Lezark Morphing Into Anna Wintour?The MisShape refuses to remove her sunglasses in the front row, where she barely smiles or turns her head.
  5. seriously
    Leigh Lezark Literally a CartoonThe hipster-cum-fashionista has committed to animating herself for Fashion Week.
  6. run through
    Gareth Pugh Has Arrived, and He’s Throwing a Dance PartyIt’s at the Tribeca Grand tomorrow and the MisShapes will spin, so Febreeze your good pair of skinny jeans tonight!
  7. party lines
    MisShapes Take Disaffected Tour to London!On Thursday, Fashion Week headed east to Hoxton, London’s Billyburg equivalent, where London’s asymmetrically coiffed and skinny-jean-plastered demographic runs free. So we were hardly nonplussed to find their heroes, the MisShapes crew, making themselves at home at Henry Holland’s first solo show — which was held in a venue called, of all things, the Village Underground.
  8. new york fugging city
    Misses USA and Universe Want Your Business CardSaturday was paradise for anyone fond of watching reality-TV shows in which regular (yet good-looking and tall) people are magically transformed into models. First, former Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency model Chris Jones appeared in oatmeal-colored Hammer pants at United Bamboo, then Niki Taylor showed up at Alexandre Herchcovitch with the entire cast of Make Me a Supermodel, albeit sans Tyson Beckford.