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Mister Elusive

  1. mister elusive
    Kanye Wore a Confederate Flag to BarneysPerhaps it’s more shocking that he repeated an outfit twice in one week.
  2. mister elusive
    Rumor: Kanye Hires Christophe Decarnin for Paris ComebackThe former Balmain designer has been under the radar since 2011.
  3. mister elusive
    Kanye West to Balance Fatherhood With A.P.C. CollaborationOn a capsule collection of men’s jeans, T-shirts, and hoodies.
  4. mister elusive
    Kanye Finally Surfaces at Paris Fashion WeekSans Kim.
  5. mister elusive
    Kanye: What’s That Face Mask, Margiela?Doctors say I’m the illest, so I’m trying to stay warm.
  6. multi-zoom analysis
    Kanye West’s Givenchy Skirt: Zooming InHe’s worn it before.
  7. mister elusive and the karl of it all
    Kanye West, Karl Lagerfeld Talked ‘Business Over Lunch’Noooo.
  8. mister elusive
    Kanye West Won’t Show a Collection This SeasonWhat does this mean for his label?
  9. mister elusive
    Kim Kardashian Shouldn’t Be Letting Nordstrom Boxes Into Her House Willy-nillyCheck for subpoenas first, then let them in.
  10. Kanye West and Scott Schuman Share Quite a Few SimilaritiesAnd other things we learned from Scott Schuman’s GQ profile.
  11. dreams come shoe
    Kanye West’s Shoes Will Be for Sale!In an actual store!
  12. mister elusive
    Kanye West Designed Shoes for Dion Lee’s Fall 2012 LineAnd he did it without tweeting to tell us!
  13. mister elusive
    Kanye West Has Also Been Overeating This WeekFinally, something about Kanye we can all relate to!
  14. mister elusive
    Kanye West Wore a $355 Givenchy Shirt at the Wall Street Protests YesterdayHe was just strolling through, of course.
  15. mister elusive
    Anna Wintour on Kanye West’s Collection: ‘Ask Someone Else’Eric Wilson assesses the fashion world’s reactions to Kanye’s show.
  16. people who wear things first
    Anna Dello Russo Wore Kanye West’s New Collection Head to Toe YesterdayJust three days after it debuted on the runway.
  17. mister elusive
    What Kanye West Got Right and Wrong With His First Paris Fashion Week ShowThe reviews were mostly terrible, but there were some merits to the whole spectacle, if you look closely.
  18. mister elusive
    Kanye West Sent Out Real Show Invitations, Bought Zippers at a Fabric Store, and Then Drank Tea With the Store OwnerHe even took a picture with the store owner’s family.
  19. mister elusive
    Kanye West’s Collaborator SpeaksOr rather, “gushes.”
  20. mister elusive
    Reports: Fashion Students Are Making Kanye West’s Clothing Line in a Defunct Nightclub in LondonAlso, the pieces are said to be “extraordinarily expensive; some of it is virtually unproduceable.”
  21. mister elusive
    Kanye West Confided in Hilary Alexander About His Fashion ShowHe’s getting the jitters, apparently.
  22. mister elusive
    Kanye West Is Finally in the Front Row, Where He BelongsAnd he evidently had something very funny to tell his neighbor Sienna Miller.