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  1. please?
    Is Halloween Over Yet?Mitt Romney and Kyrsten Sinema came up with another haunting collaboration.
  2. food
    Mitt Romney Thinks ‘Hot Dog’ Is a Food GroupThe senator has a questionable understanding of the food pyramid.
  3. l’amour
    Mitt Romney Says He Voted for His Wife for PresidentBrave.
  4. ok
    Mitt Romney: ‘My Favorite Meat Is Hot Dog’Finally, we have been blessed with the knowledge of Mitt Romney’s favorite and second-favorite meats.
  5. simple request
    Trump Reportedly Asked RNC Chair to Change Her NameToday in pettiness.
  6. politics
    Romney’s ‘Binders Full of Women’ Are Real and They’ve Finally Been UnearthedThey’re real, they weigh 15 pounds, and the Boston Globe has them.
  7. huh
    Zach Braff Reminds Us That He’s Related to Mitt Romney Through a WitchCool.
  8. post-stump style
    Ann Romney Was Holding Out on Us This Whole TimeThose FLORALS.
  9. stump style
    Ann Romney’s Designer of Choice, Alfred Fiandaca, Dies at 72 [Updated]He suffered a stroke on Saturday.
  10. pants!
    Mormon Women Get Death Threats for Wearing Pants“Wear Pants to Church” Sundays get off to a rough start.
  11. politics
    Women Donated Almost Half of Obama Campaign CashSmart shoppers.
  12. memorabilia
    Look Out for Romney-Ryan Merch in Latin AmericaUnsold campaign T-shirts get recycled and shipped overseas.
  13. Kenneth Cole Had an Obama Billboard Joke All Ready to GoUp in all its glory bright and early this morning.
  14. four more years of mobama watch
    Michelle’s Victory Dress: She’s Worn It BeforeA repeat!
  15. stump style
    Ann Romney’s Concession Dress: Ending in RedOur final stump style post of 2012.
  16. election 2012
    Beyoncé Sums Up Election Night in Three Words[Dusts off shoulders.]
  17. election 2012
    The Many Cuddle Puddles of Mitt and Ann RomneyAnn’s signature come-from-behind hug will comfort her husband.
  18. stump style
    Ann Romney Put on Her Voting BootsBrown suede ones.
  19. stump style
    Ann Romney Versus Michelle Obama: Two Women, 30 DaysA review of their public appearances over the last month.
  20. tribal chieftain
    Evolutionary Biologist on Romney’s Appeal to Women: ‘Look, the F—er’s Rich’That doesn’t mean women will vote for him. 
  21. election 2012
    What’s at Stake for Women on November 6?A battleground election guide.
  22. zomg political shoes
    Republican Women Prefer TOMS ShoesObligatory Fox News spin: Democrats don’t care about poor children.
  23. beauty secrets
    Report: Romney Spray-TansJust like his friend Snooki.
  24. presidential diets
    Didn’t Take Mitt Romney for a Veggie Burger Guy [Updated]Hope it at least had cheese on it.
  25. what war on women?
    How to Remember That the War on Women Is More Real Than a Left-Handed IrishmanMake like a woman in a Mitt Romney ad and Google it.
  26. suit yourself
    Ann Romney Did Not Wear Her Garments Under Her SwimsuitFrom what we can tell.
  27. photo ops
    And Now, a Picture of Mitt With Office SuppliesYou knew it was coming.
  28. politics
    Mitt Didn’t Ask for ‘Binders Full of Women,’ But He Should HaveHe didn’t ask for them. But he should have.
  29. politics
    Breaking Down the ‘Binders Full of Women’ MemeQuote, hashtag, Tumblr meme, fact-check.
  30. stump style
    Michelle and Ann’s Pink Debate Outfits: AnalysisThey’re both observing Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it would seem.
  31. look of the day
    Lohan Debuts Newly Red Hair in a Sequined DressReturns to her roots at end of tumultuous week.
  32. good ideas
    The Cut Found Your Next Halloween CostumeTopical and sexy. 
  33. stump style
    Q&A: Ann Romney’s Go-To Designer Alfred FiandacaMitt accompanies her on shopping trips sometimes!
  34. stump style
    Ann Romney’s Go-To Outfitter: Alfred FiandacaShe’s been buying his clothes for over a decade.
  35. debates
    Did He Say Anything About Me Last Night? On not being pandered to in the presidential debate.
  36. stump style
    Ann Romney and Michelle Obama’s Debate Outfits: An AnalysisMichelle repeated a Preen skirt suit, while Ann Romney wore Alfred Fiandaca.
  37. stuck in the mittle
    Mormon Chat Forum Dissects Ann Romney’s ‘Garments’ (or Lack Thereof)Or lack thereof.
  38. mystery solved
    Mitt Romney Makeup Culprit IdentifiedMAC powder foundation + campaign trail tan = national controversy.
  39. campaign cosmetics
    Mitt’s Bronze: Political Makeup Artists on the Perils of Their CraftThose responsible for Condi’s lipstick teeth and Obama’s powder weigh in.
  40. war on women’s daytime talk shows
    Romney Lags With Women, Especially Sherri ShepherdABC’s daytime talk show is the latest battleground in the war on women. 
  41. politics
    Mitt Romney and the End of MenHe’s a Cardboard Man.
  42. rolling in the veep
    Did Janna Ryan Borrow Ann Romney’s Shoes Last Night? [Update: More Evidence]Sisterhood of the traveling peep toes.
  43. non-gaffes
    To Discuss: Condoleezza Rice’s Lipstick TeethEven folks on Twitter feel awkward for bringing it up.
  44. stuck in the mittle
    Did Ann Romney’s Dress Have Anti-Obama Subtext?She wore bright red Oscar de la Renta at the Republican National Convention last night.
  45. politics
    The ‘Penis Game’ in PoliticsYou know that game where little boys stand in a circle, shouting naughty words louder and louder? Republicans are doing that now.
  46. political scents
    Soon You Can Rub Some ‘Mint Romney’ All Over YourselfObama’s smells like citrus, for lack of a better pun.
  47. rolling in the veep
    Everyone Agrees: Paul Ryan’s Style Is AwkwardThat’s settled, then!
  48. politics
    Paul Ryan Is Your Annoying Libertarian Ex-BoyfriendIn the dating world, an infatuation with Ayn Rand is a red flag.
  49. election 2012
    GOP’s Ryan Gosling Is Mitt Romney’s Running MatePaul Ryan is a pro-life sex symbol. (Is that an oxymoron?)
  50. 2012 london olympics
    See Today’s Royal (and Romney) Olympic AppearancesKate Middleton waved, Ann Romney cheered.
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