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Modeling Industry

  1. size matters
    Model Says She Was Cancelled From Louis Vuitton Cruise for Being ‘Too Big’Ulrikke Hoyer alleges that a casting agent said she “needs to drink only water for the next 24 hours.”
  2. models
    Models Open Up About the Mistreatment They’ve Faced in the IndustryThey shared their stories, both anonymous and on the record, with Models.com.
  3. models
    Balenciaga Severed Its Relationship With Widely Critiqued Casting AgentsAfter casting director James Scully called out their treatment of models in an Instagram post.
  4. new faces
    Meet the Mavericks Making Modeling More DiverseThey’re not waiting for the industry to change. They’re going to do it themselves.
  5. body image
    France Moves to Crack Down on Ultrathin ModelsBut will it actually do anything?
  6. laws
    Denmark Unveils Sweeping Model Health MeasuresShortly after France introduced proposed legislation on the same issue.