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  1. modelland
    Tyra Banks Is Opening a Model-Themed Theme ParkThe 21,000-square-foot park will be a “fantasy version” of the world of modeling, oh my God.
  2. disses
    Looks Like the Olsen Weren’t Fans of ModellandThey don’t know what they missed out on.
  3. breakups
    Tyra Banks Broke Up With Her BoyfriendAll the single ladies, now put your hands up … and go on a spiritual journey of rebirth and recovery.
  4. wanna be on top
    ANTM Recap: Let’s Talk About the Thumb-SuckingCreepy!
  5. quotables
    Tyra Banks ‘Put Away Ideas to Produce Food’Other things she won’t be getting into include real estate and spas — because she learned at Harvard that would be bad.
  6. wanna be on top
    Tyra Banks Is Now a NYT Bestselling AuthorHer resume must be getting crowded.
  7. tyra potter
    Tyra Banks to Pen Fantasy Model TrilogyIt’s based at an “academy for Intoxibellas,” which is Tyra’s new made-up word for people like herself.