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Modern Menses

  1. do-gooders
    Why This Harvard Freshman Doesn’t Mind Being Called ‘Period Girl’Nadya Okamoto is leading the menstrual-equality movement.
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    Will Women Skip Their Periods in the Future?Down with tampons and pads.
  3. modern menses
    Period Underwear Ads Set to Take Williamsburg Next MonthAn “inappropriate” subway ad campaign has now been approved, and it’s coming to the Bedford Avenue L stop.
  4. modern menses
    One NYC High School Now Offers Free TamponsOne Queens school is leading the way.
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    Great Moments in Menstrual HistoryA period piece.
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    A No-Bullshit Tampon-Subscription ServiceAll-cotton tampons delivered to your door for $10 a month.
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    The Rise of the Period Apps: Where Big Data Meets Girlie GraphicsIn which the Quantified Self begins to menstruate.