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Mom Week

  1. family affairs
    Seen on Mother’s Day: Flowers and Quality TimeAnd many multigenerational brunches.
  2. shopping trips
    Mom, You Have Great Style, But Please Never Shop for Me Again“Fancy,” said my boyfriend. “You look just like your mother.”
  3. life lessons
    7 Things My Mother Taught Me About MarriageIncluding “Have fun being single.”
  4. mother’s day
    Q&A: The Women Behind BreastmilkRicki Lake, Abby Epstein, and Dana Ben-Ari talk filmmaking and feminism.
  5. mom week
    Intimate Portraits of Models and Their MomsThe fruits of a three-year-long photo project. 
  6. words
    ‘Baby Bump’ Sounds Like Something Out of a Horror MovieThe case against this terrifying terminology.