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  1. art
    Pop Quiz: Is This Painting Upside Down?A Mondrian piece has apparently been hanging the wrong way for 75 years.
  2. art and soul
    A Revolution in MidtownLinda Goode Bryant created her gallery, JAM, because Black artists weren’t welcome in the Establishment. Now, it’s at MoMA.
  3. we asked
    Penélope Cruz, Rosalía and More On Their Favorite FilmPenélope Cruz was honored at MoMA’s 14th annual Film Benefit, presented by Chanel.
  4. virtual events
    MoMA Honored This Guy Named George ClooneyYou may have heard of him.
  5. parties!
    Other Celebrities Really, Truly, Love Laura DernThey gushed about her at a MoMa’s 2019 Film Benefit
  6. best bets
    A Dallas Department Store in Hudson Yards, Lumpy Lamps, and MoMA’s Print StoreWhat’s new in New York stores.
  7. happenings
    Celebrities Gathered in New York to Celebrate a Hollywood LegendJonah Hill, Spike Lee, Robert De Niro, and Emily Blunt were all there to pay tribute.
  8. gallery
    Can We Capture Humanism?New York’s MoMA tries in an exhibit featuring 80 photographs from around the world.
  9. Revisiting Andy Warhol’s The Chelsea Girls in a New BookThe book includes never-before-seen dialogue and archival materials from the experimental film.
  10. gallery
    This Performance Artist Wants to Know How You View HerMore than 290 works by Adrian Piper will go on display at the MoMA this weekend.
  11. modern art
    These Ballet Flats Just Made It to the MoMARepetto is now in the museum’s permanent collection.
  12. gallery
    The Woman Behind Brazil’s Modern Art MovementTarsila do Amaral’s most celebrated works are now on display at the MoMA.
  13. art projects
    18 Things People Wore to MoMA This FallAnyone can send a text to Emily Spivack’s art website.
  14. party lines
    Celebrities Had Some Strange, Fun Compliments for Julianne MooreThe actress was honored at MoMA last night, and people had some interesting things to say.
  15. gallery
    See How a Crazy Jumpsuit Got Made for the Fashion Show at MoMARichard Malone designed it for the museum’s new show “Items: Is Fashion Modern?”
  16. MoMA’s New Fashion Show Is Not the Met, and That’s the PointYes, it’s worth a visit uptown.
  17. humbled
    Dapper Dan Had the Best Reaction to Being in the MoMAHis jackets are featured in “Items: Is Fashion Modern?”
  18. gallery
    Revisiting Louise Bourgeois at MoMAA new show celebrates seven decades of the artist’s work.
  19. gallery
    There Aren’t Enough Books About Modern Female ArtistsImages from Modern Women: Women Artists at the Museum of Modern Art.
  20. look book
    The Art-World Fixtures Who Lunch at The Four Seasons“We have a monthly lunch at The Four Seasons. I always end with the vanilla ice cream.”
  21. scene stealers
    The Best Looks From MoMA’s 5 a.m. CrowdThose showed up at daybreak for Yoko Ono and Dev Hynes. 
  22. gallery
    See the Brown Sisters Age Over 40 YearsThis year marks the 40th anniversary of Nicholas Nixon’s iconic portrait series.
  23. national treasures
    Francesco Vezzoli Paints Up Ancient Roman BustsA bit of color and they look like new!
  24. scene stealers
    Breezy Linens and Tevas at MoMA PS1’s Warm Up Street-style highlights from the annual outdoor summer dance series.
  25. The Photographer Who Blends Art and AdvertisingChristopher Williams’s new MoMA retrospective includes highlights from his 35-year career. 
  26. The Queen of Weird, Stylish Musicians Is Coming to MoMAA Björk retrospective has been announced for next year.
  27. designing women
    MoMA Was Weird About Its Women and Design ExhibitionFirstly, the exhibition begins with a chair designed by a man.
  28. multi-zoom analysis
    Katy Perry’s Braided Flower Crown: A Multi-Zoom Analysis It was adorned with a halo of purple flowers.
  29. party chat
    Beyoncé Showed Up to Support Solange at the MoMA’s Armory PartyIt was a Knowles love-in.
  30. look of the day
    Alexa Chung Can Still Pull Off Baby BlueAnd Peter Pan collars and Mary-Janes.
  31. first person
    The Women I Loved When I Was ManicLittle did they know my passion was a symptom of mental illness.
  32. first look
    First Look: Fall/Winter Collection at the MoMA Design StoreSneak a peek at a broccoli-inspired business-card holder, bamboo tape dispenser, and hip hybrid-solar watch.
  33. run through
    Halston to Show at MoMA During Fashion WeekThe newly revived house just lost its head designer and cut ties with Rachel Zoe, but it looks to have its ducks in a row.
  34. party lines
    Our Heat-Wave Moment With Anna WintourLast night we boldly approached Her Bob-jesty for an interview at the MoMA party. And she said more than one word to us!
  35. run through
    The ‘Sex and the City’ Premiere Party Will Have Lots of Sparkly Pink StuffIts decorations will include a pink carpet studded with crystals and pink-heart ornaments in the trees. Um, didn’t ‘SATC’ used to be more sophisticated?
  36. loose threads
    Lindsay Lohan to D.J. Naomi Campbell’s 38th-Birthday PartyDomenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana will throw Naomi Campbell’s 38th-birthday party in Cannes, luxury companies like Dior have shady manufacturing practices, and Bill Blass might be sold soon.