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Money Matters

  1. my two cents
    Can Learning How To Coupon Save Me Money?There’s more to discount shopping than binders full of newspaper clippings.
  2. my two cents
    Help! Will My MFA Bankrupt Me for Life?Calculating the cost of self-fulfillment.
  3. 2012 london olympics
    Everyone in London Is Too Busy With the Olympics to Spend Money on ClothesExcept Union Jack–patterned clothes, that is.
  4. money matters
    People Are Afraid, Very Afraid, of the Dollar SignSo says a new Cornell University study.
  5. money matters
    H&M’s Profits Drop By Over 15 PercentThe 2010-2011 financial year was a challenging one.
  6. money matters
    Prada’s Profits Up by 75 PercentWell, that’s nice.
  7. mind the gap
    Gap Is Suffering Even More Than AnticipatedGap’s CEO admits that they just aren’t attracting shoppers.
  8. money matters
    Sears Continues To Struggle FinanciallyKan you believe the Kardashian Kollection didn’t bolster sales?
  9. money matters
    A post that won’t deleteKan you believe the Kardashian Kollection didn’t bolster sales?
  10. money matters
    Pringle of Scotland Lost Money for the Fifth Year in a RowSo they got “bailout” money.
  11. money matters
    Fashion Firm PPR Invests $10 Million in ‘The Fancy’, a New Image Sharing SiteThe site’s worth is now valued at $100 million.
  12. money matters
    Ferragamo Reportedly Plans to Go Public This SummerThey join Prada and Moncler — it’s a trend!
  13. money matters
    J.Crew to Sell Itself for $2.8 BillionMillard Drexler will stay on as CEO, cashing in on his 5.4 percent stake.
  14. money matters
    Prada Mulls Public Offering to Pay Off $1.4 Billion DebtBut they say this sort of thing every now and then.
  15. lonesome dov
    American Apparel Seems to Actually Be on Its Last LegNo, really! Their credit is actually almost gone.
  16. money matters
    Somewhere in the World, People Are Ravenous for Luxury GoodsJust not here.
  17. money matters
    Burberry’s Huge Sales Growth Makes Retail Exciting AgainWhat a great new old feeling!
  18. money matters
    Milan Fashion Week Fails to Ignite As Much Sales Buzz As New York Fashion WeekSales inquiries following Fashion Week were much higher for designers showing in New York versus Milan.
  19. money matters
    Permira Looking to Sell Its Stake in Proenza Schouler?They don’t want to talk about it, so it seems likely.
  20. money matters
    Hussein Chalayan Buys Back His Label From PumaHe sold it less than two years ago.
  21. money matters
    So This One Company Is Probably Kicking Itself for Investing in ValentinoSVG Captial Plc’s stakes in the company have already plummeted 35 percent in value this year.
  22. money matters
    Roberto Cavalli Isn’t Selling a Stake to Clessidra After AllWe have some ideas about what Clessidra could do with that money.
  23. money matters
    Roberto Cavalli Is Finally Selling a Stake in His CompanyNo word on whether pigs are flying in celebration.
  24. money matters
    LVMH Profits Up Thanks to Louis Vuitton Monogram BagsSales of Louis bags helped LVMH revenues grow 6 percent in the third quarter.
  25. money matters
    Isis From ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Wants Sex-Change SurgeryHaving been eliminated from the show, she wants to “just get it out of the way.”
  26. money matters
    Liz Claiborne and Narciso Rodriguez May End PartnershipClaiborne owns a 50 percent stake in the label, which Narciso can buy back. But can he find an investor to help?