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  1. my two cents
    How to Donate Money Even If You Don’t Have a Lot to GiveFive steps to effective giving.
  2. my two cents
    What If I Can’t Afford an Abortion?How to build your own safety net.
  3. in her shoes
    The CEO Who Loves Gucci HeelsHunt & Gather’s Jolie Hunt-Potter can’t say no to fancy footwear.
  4. cheap and cheerful
    Now’s the Time to Stock Up on Hats, Gloves, and ScarvesCashmere on sale!
  5. my two cents
    The Only Money Strategy You Need for 2018A money diet will fail you. Try this instead.
  6. my two cents
    How I Saved 30 Percent of My Income in 2017A simple savings plan to apply to the new year.
  7. my two cents
    My Degree Is Worthless and I Can’t Make Enough MoneyYou have more freedom than you think.
  8. my two cents
    How Can I Stop Fighting With My Boyfriend About Our Bills?A 50/50 split isn’t always the answer.
  9. my two cents
    I Can’t Afford to Keep Up With My FriendsDon’t feel bad about saying no.
  10. my two cents
    Here’s How to Contact the Cut’s Personal Finance Advice ColumnistEmail Charlotte Cowles, who writes My Two Cents.
  11. my two cents
    My Parents Are Obsessed With Me Making More MoneyHere’s how to make it through the holidays (and the rest of the year).
  12. my two cents
    My Dad Is Stealing My MoneyHere’s how to cut him off.
  13. my two cents
    Will I Ever Have Enough Money?Let’s start with your definition of “enough.”
  14. my two cents
    I Don’t Want My Co-workers to Know How Rich I AmYour ‘me vs. them’ mentality is a problem.
  15. my two cents
    I Can’t Afford to Divorce My Rich HusbandNever mind the legal fees. Here’s how to fight for what you deserve.
  16. my two cents
    9 Books About Money That Every Woman Should ReadThey won’t make you fall asleep.
  17. my two cents
    My Sister Keeps Asking for Money and It’s Driving Me NutsIf you don’t set boundaries now, you’ll resent her more later.
  18. my two cents
    How Can I Train Myself to Want Less Stuff?Online shopping has made spending money too easy.
  19. my two cents
    I’m 32 and Single. Is Buying an Apartment a Terrible Idea?Real estate is a financial and emotional investment.
  20. my two cents
    How Can I Convince My Boyfriend That Therapy Is Worth It?Money isn’t the real problem — but you knew that already.
  21. my two cents
    Why Can’t I Get It Together Financially?Stop avoiding your bank balance.
  22. my two cents
    My Boyfriend Wants to Pay for My Laser Hair RemovalYou decide what happens to your body.
  23. my two cents
    Going Freelance? Here’s How to Not Freak OutA few simple steps to ease your money anxiety.
  24. my two cents
    How Much Money Should I Have by the Time I’m 30?There’s no magic number, but here’s a general rule.
  25. my two cents
    My Boyfriend Can’t Find a Job and It’s Driving Me Nuts!Unemployment is tricky in any relationship.
  26. my two cents
    Is Freezing My Eggs Worth the Cost?It’s more expensive than you think.
  27. my two cents
    I’m Doing Really Well at Work and It’s Ruining My RelationshipIt’s time to reexamine what you really want.
  28. my two cents
    Is There a Not-Awkward Way to Ask My Parents About Their Wills?A tricky conversation at best.
  29. my two cents
    How to Survive Wedding Season When You’re BrokeDon’t pay anyone to do your hair.
  30. my two cents
    I Have Money for the First Time Ever and I Feel Guilty About ItJust remember who you are — and don’t forget to save.
  31. my two cents
    Will I Ever Stop Being Jealous of My Rich Sister?Money creates the worst kind of sibling rivalry.
  32. my two cents
    What If I Can’t Afford My Rich Friend’s Wedding?How to decline the invite but maintain the friendship.
  33. my two cents
    How Do I Know If I Have a Shopping Problem?And what can I do to fix it?
  34. my two cents
    Am I a Bad Daughter If I Don’t Want to Go on Vacation With My Parents?At some point, it’s time to cut the cord.
  35. my two cents
    I’m Worried I’ll Never Be Able to Afford KidsIs anyone ever financially prepared to bring a child into this world?
  36. my two cents
    Is It Terrible to Want My Boyfriend to Make More Money?Many women wind up in a weird dance with money and relationships.
  37. my two cents
    My Husband Is Cheap But I Like to Spend. Are We Doomed?More and more couples are choosing to lead financially autonomous lives.
  38. my two cents
    My Mom Is Broke. How Can I Help Her?Reversing caretaker roles is one of the toughest parts of being an adult.
  39. my two cents
    My Boyfriend Is Rich. Should I Let Him Pay the Rent?You can have a healthy relationship without becoming financially dependent.
  40. my two cents
    How Can I Survive Being Laid Off Without Going Broke?While you still have benefits, milk your former job for all it’s worth.
  41. my two cents
    Why Are My Friends Suddenly Gifting So Lavishly?Coping with the pressure to overspend.
  42. my two cents
    Should I Turn My Hobby Into a Side Gig?How to monetize your many talents.
  43. my two cents
    I Can Afford to Pay Down My Student Loans Faster. But Should I?Your money might be better spent elsewhere.
  44. my two cents
    Am I Cheap If I Hate Splitting the Check Equally?How to tell if you’ve crossed over from shrewd to scrooge-y.
  45. my two cents
    Can I Justify Paying Someone to Do My Taxes?A tax-season guide for people who hate tax season.
  46. my two cents
    Is My Old Stuff Worth Selling Online?A guide to making cash while getting rid of old crap.
  47. my two cents
    Everything You Need to Know About Investing for the First TimeIt’s time to do more with your savings account.
  48. my two cents
    How Much Will a Pet Actually Cost Me?The truth hurts.
  49. my two cents
    How Can I Save Money When I Have No Self-Control?Put your savings on autopilot.
  50. my two cents
    How Can I Save Money to Travel When I’m Already Broke?Discipline is key.
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