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  1. personal finance
    What It’s Like to Staff the Home of a BillionaireA recruiter for the ultrarich on the upsides — and dark sides — of a notoriously secretive industry.
  2. personal finance
    How to Protect Yourself Against ScamsWhat I wish I’d known.
  3. first person
    How I Got Scammed Out of $50,000I’m still trying to understand why I fell for it.
  4. personal finance
    Budgeting Is Officially a FlexAccording to TikTok, where “loud budgeting” is everywhere.
  5. personal finance
    What It’s Like to Be a Therapist for the UltrarichClay Cockrell specializes in “ultra-high-net-worth individuals” and the specific problems that plague them.
  6. work
    How 5 Athletes Afford to Stay in the Game and Still Make Rent“Time is money, and once you run out of money, you run out of time to play and compete.”
  7. personal finance
    How’s Your No-Spend January Going?“I felt like I failed, and it was catastrophic.”
  8. personal finance
    What It’s Like to Take a $50K Pay Cut“Part of me is still mourning the life that I thought I was going to live.”
  9. personal finance
    How to Talk About Your Salary With FriendsIt can be awkward, but it doesn’t need to be.
  10. personal finance
    What to Say to Get Your Bills LoweredAnd when it’s worth your time to try.
  11. personal finance
    5 Ways to Save Money (That Have Nothing to Do With Money)Financial experts share their best nonfinancial advice.
  12. personal finance
    What to Do About That Credit-Card DebtA four-step plan for getting over your holiday-debt hangover.
  13. personal finance
    ‘I Take Care of My Aging Parents. How Can I Recover Financially?’Thankfully, there are some laws designed to help you. Here’s how to make the most of them.
  14. personal finance
    ‘Should I Give Up My Cheap, Beautiful Apartment to Move in With My Boyfriend?’You will need to move out of your amazing place eventually. Here are the steps to take first.
  15. discoveries
    Bliss Is Richard Kind’s Venmo HistoryFruit. Golf. Party.
  16. personal finance
    How to Tell People You Don’t Want GiftsA guide to de-escalating the holiday-shopping frenzy.
  17. personal finance
    ‘How Do I Shut Down My Dad’s Comments About Money?’It may sound counterintuitive, but you might want to give him the opportunity to say more.
  18. personal finance
    ‘I Owe $90K in Private Student Loans. What Do I Do?’You don’t have much wiggle room, unfortunately. It’s time to break down the math.
  19. personal finance
    How Much Money Should I Spend on the Holidays?Can we get some guidelines? New rules? We want math!
  20. personal finance
    ‘My Mom Lost $30,000 in Bad Investments. Can I Help Her?’Yep, this sounds like fraud! Here’s how to navigate her legal options.
  21. personal finance
    ‘How Do I Plan a Group Trip That All My Friends Can Afford?’Be sure to broach the budget question early so people can make their own decisions.
  22. personal finance
    ‘I Just Inherited $40,000. What Should I Do With It?’Your first rule: Don’t make any lifestyle changes.
  23. personal finance
    ‘Should I Put My Boyfriend on My Health Insurance?’It’s pretty low-risk, but if it makes you uncomfortable, there are other options.
  24. personal finance
    ‘My Boyfriend’s Dad Bought Us a House. What Do I Tell My Friends?’Chances are nobody cares who paid for what. But that doesn’t mean you have to tell anyone.
  25. personal finance
    Does Money Terrify You?Author Farnoosh Tarabi explains how you can learn from your financial anxieties.
  26. personal finance
    Is ‘Scarcity Brain’ Making You Broke?Maybe. But here’s what you can do about it.
  27. personal finance
    ‘I Earn More Than My Husband, But I Don’t Want to Pay More of Our Bills’You can share household expenses in lots of ways, and you don’t have to choose just one.
  28. personal finance
    Your Post-Vacation Guide to Cleaning Up Your FinancesExperts share their best money advice for getting back on track.
  29. personal finance
    ‘I’m So in Debt That I’m Afraid to Date’You’re not undateable — you’re just afraid to talk about money. There’s a way to fix that.
  30. personal finance
    ‘I Splurged All of My 20s, And Now I’m in Debt. Can I Fix This?’You can’t just flip a switch. Instead, look for your next actionable step.
  31. personal finance
    ‘My Flight Got Canceled. What Now?’Getting stranded at the airport is a special kind of hell. Here are eight pointers that can help.
  32. career
    How Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck Gets It DoneHer day starts with a deep tissue massage … but not for her.
  33. personal finance
    ‘My Roommates Never Pay Rent on Time. What Do I Do?’Ask them to sign a roommate agreement. And think about moving.
  34. my two cents
    What If You Already Have ‘Enough’ Money?Author Manisha Thakor questions the relationship between money, time, and happiness.
  35. money
    Apparently, Tipping Is for OldsA new poll suggests avocado toast isn’t the only thing dividing generations financially.
  36. my two cents
    ‘What Happens If I Just Never Pay My Credit-Card Bill?’No one would endorse this plan. But you do have some options.
  37. my two cents
    ‘My Friend Stays With Us All the Time. Can We Charge Rent?’It’s fair to ask her to repay you somehow. But this will be a delicate conversation.
  38. my two cents
    ‘I Got Into a Big Fight With a Friend About Money. What Now?’Actually, this fight was a good thing. To make repairs, ask questions and listen.
  39. my two cents
    How to Save Money on Summer TravelIt’s expensive out there! But you can still take a trip without paying for it for the rest of the year.
  40. my two cents
    ‘I’m a Recovering Addict. Will I Ever Recover, Financially?’There’s a world of people ready to help you. Lean on them!
  41. ask a boss
    How to Ask for a RaiseBefore approaching your boss, here’s everything you should know.
  42. happy pride
    How Did Pride Get So Damn Expensive?Queer people are maxing out credit cards, working extra shifts, or skipping trips to see family to pay for NYC’s biggest parties.
  43. my two cents
    What Is ‘Cash Stuffing,’ and Should You Try It?Budgeting with cash — also known as the envelope method — is trendy again. Here’s how to make it work for you.
  44. Beauty icon Jackie Aina on carving her own path to successHow a non-traditional career journey and an unapologetic approach to life is paying off for the Youtube star
  45. my two cents
    ‘I Think My Mom Is Getting Scammed’Her new friend might be harmless. But you won’t know unless you have some serious conversations about her finances.
  46. my two cents
    ‘How Do I Get Better at Money Without Overhauling My Life?’Your money should serve your life, not the other way around.
  47. my two cents
    ‘My Elderly Parents Refuse to Make a Will’Be respectful. A lot of people — especially older ones — hate talking about things they don’t understand.
  48. my two cents
    Erika Kullberg Reads the Fine PrintFrom broke law student to 20 million followers and a bank account to match.
  49. first person
    I’m a TV Writer on Food StampsWhile writers like me struggle to make ends meet, Hollywood studios get rich off the content we create.
  50. my two cents
    ‘My Parents Would Be Horrified’What happens when you overspend on buy-now, pay-later platforms.
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