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  1. hot shot
    Let This Obese Thai Monkey Be Your Weekend InspirationUncle Fat!
  2. bbhmmonkey
    Rihanna Hung Out With a Scrawny Baby MonkeyA fun vacation buddy.
  3. Charlotte: A Name Fit for a Princess or a MonkeyIt’s very popular.
  4. mating rituals
    Girl Monkeys Throw Rocks at Boy Monkeys to FlirtHit on.
  5. Exclusive: Carine Roitfeld Shoots Kate Upton, Tiger Cubs“I had never held a baby monkey and baby tigers before.”
  6. first looks
    Meet Bentley, the Armani-Wearing Monkey ModelHe’s in the new issue of CR Fashion Book.
  7. annals of disordered eating
    Extreme Calorie Restriction Not the Fountain of Youth, It Turns OutBut at least you’ll look good dying.