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Mood Elevators

  1. mood elevators
    25 Love Songs to Soundtrack Your BreakupSads, from Dum Dum Girls to Whitney Houston.
  2. mood elevators
    Diary of a 20-Year-Old Breakup ProcrastinatorA fictional account of a very real phenomenon.
  3. mood elevators
    Find Your Happy Place in the ShowerHot, but not bothered.
  4. mood elevators
    A Set of Extremely Wise Graphic CardsCall it food for thought. 
  5. mood elevators
    A Retro Bra That’s Ready for Its Close-upAs arresting as it is disarming.
  6. mood elevators
    How to Let Your Ex Know You’re Over It: A GIF GuideFlip your hair. 
  7. mood elevators
    A 24-Karat-Gold Recipe for Softer LipsPucker up.
  8. mood elevators
    A Whimsical Art Print to Dress Up Your WallNever the wrong time to get lucky, right?
  9. mood elevators
    A Scent That Smells Like SensualityThe perfume is engineered to attract.
  10. mood elevators
    A Miniature Film Projector for Your InstagramsBecause vacation photos were meant to be viewed blown-up on a wall.
  11. mood elevators
    A Sexy Cutout Bustier You Can Wear Anytime A piece that defies gravity.
  12. mood elevators
    How to Scope for Hunks When You’re Newly Single: A Brief GIF Instruction ManualTo guide you through.
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    A Beauty Bag for Your Rebound RevampStash your date-night makeup here.
  14. mood elevators
    A Foolproof Way to Treat Yourself to WineNo obscure grape knowledge needed.
  15. mood elevators
    The Sexiest Shirt for the Morning AfterPerfect with absolutely nothing under it.