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  1. mooooooom!
    Even Olympic Champions Are Totally Mortified by Their ParentsAly Raisman and Simone Biles would like their parents to chill.
  2. mostess
    How to Survive a Visit From Your MotherLook at you being a thoughtful host and not a teenage girl who erupts at the first sign of criticism!
  3. mooooooom!
    Michelle Obama Used Some Surprisingly Uncool Slang Barack’s just happy he’s the cool parent today.
  4. mooooooom!
    Local Mother Publicly Discredits Her Teenagers, Efficiently Ruins LivesD.C. resident Michelle Obama says her daughters are maybe the least influential people she knows. 
  5. mooooooom!
    Has Anyone Ever Wanted to Kill Their Mom More Than Dakota Johnson?Well, that was awkward.
  6. Kim Kardashian Heard Everyone Talking About ‘Serial,’ Decided to Check It OutShe decided to see what all the fuss was about. 
  7. mooooooom!
    The Rise of Mother-Daughter Team Shoppers“Cool moms” and cool daughters, dressed alike.
  8. funny television
    Dolly Parton Is the Baddest Rapper in the Game?Oh the worst! You meant worst, Queen Latifah.
  9. mooooooom!
    Sinéad’s Letter to Miley, Ranked on the Mooom!-o-Meter“It’s so not cool, Miley.”