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  1. think before you speak
    Is This the Most Ridiculous Thing Kellyanne Conway Has Ever Said About Trump?Is her perception of reality alarmingly skewed, or does she feel no shame in frequently spewing ridiculous lies?
  2. Everyone’s Suspicious of Atheists — Even Other AtheistsA new study found that nonbelievers face prejudice across the world, even in places where religious belief is fading.
  3. Kids Listen Better When You Appeal to Their Sense of MoralityEmphasize how their behavior affects other people, not just why it’s bad for them individually.
  4. Your Dog Is Judging You for Being a JerkThey can tell when you’re behaving badly toward other humans, and they’ll react accordingly.
  5. Sometimes Corruption Happens All at OnceIt’s not always a slippery slope.
  6. How Traveling to a Foreign Country Can Change Your Sense of MoralityCall it the study abroad effect.
  7. Finally, a Psychological Explanation for Why Angry Athiests Are So AnnoyingRelated: Where do you get your morals?
  8. Everyone Thinks They’re More Moral Than Everyone ElseA new study says most of us are walking around with a false sense of moral superiority.
  9. Kids Are Judgmental, Morally Pure Little JerksIf the right choice is anything other than easy, you don’t get points for making it.
  10. science of us
    Thinking in a Second Language Makes You Less MoralWe feel more, and reason less, in our native language.
  11. Bad First Impressions Are Hard to Shake Because People Are LazyIt’s a lot tougher to make someone like you than it is to change their mind for the worse.
  12. Even Babies Can Be Bribed to Abandon Their MoralsYou’re never too young to sell out.
  13. morality
    These Scientists Just Got a $4 Million Grant to Study the World’s Nicest HumansThe launch of a three-year scientific inquiry on the morally superior.
  14. vegetarianism
    The 4 Ways People Rationalize Eating MeatAnd clues about how to get them to cut down.
  15. religion
    A Rabbi and an Atheist Talk Good and Evil“There’s no data that shows that atheists are less moral than theists.”
  16. advice
    Ask Polly: Why Are Other People Always Messing Up?Because you see the world in black and white.
  17. Does Being Anxious Make Us More Moral?Those who are insecure in their relationships may have more well-developed senses of fairness and empathy.