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More Sexual Harassment

  1. more sexual harassment
    Congressman Calls a Former Aide His ‘Soul Mate,’ But Denies Harassing HerRepresentative Patrick Meehan denies harassing a former aide who received a taxpayer-funded settlement.
  2. more sexual harassment
    James Franco Accusers Speak Out About His ‘Exploitative’ Behavior“He created an exploitative environment for non-celebrity women on his sets.”
  3. more sexual harassment
    Los Angeles Times Publisher Was Reportedly Sued for Sexual Harassment TwiceA report alleges Ross Levinsohn admitted to rating co-workers’ hotness and making crude comments during his career.
  4. more sexual harassment
    Here’s What Ann Curry Says About Sexual Harassment at NBC“I would be surprised if many women did not understand that there was a climate of verbal harassment that existed.”
  5. sexual assault
    This Alabama Newspaper Publisher Allegedly Spanked Female StaffersWomen speak out about H. Brandt Ayers’s alleged pattern of forced spankings dating back to the 1970s.
  6. more sexual harassment
    Here’s What Mario Batali Employees Are Saying About Abuse at His RestaurantsBatali and his business partner Joe Bastianich are accused of encouraging a culture of harassment.
  7. more sexual harassment
    Congress Discloses 3 More Sexual-Harassment SettlementsThe amounts reportedly total $115,000.
  8. more sexual harassment
    Dustin Hoffman Accusers Talk Allegations: ‘I Wanted to Choose Truth Over Shame’Cori Thomas, Anna Graham Hunter and Kathryn Rossetter sat down with NBC Nightly News to recount Hoffman’s alleged sexual misconduct.
  9. sexual assault
    Hip New York Restaurant Reportedly Had a ‘Rape Room’A former Spotted Pig employee claims she saw Mario Batali assaulting an unconscious woman there.