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  1. millennials
    Millennials Are in Their ThirtiesUnbelievable.
  2. ask polly
    Ask Polly: ‘My Mother Has Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer and I’m Falling Apart’Ultimately, only you can decide how you want to navigate this sickness with her.
  3. self reflection
    I Stared Down Mortality, and It Made Me Worry About My HairIf this doesn’t stop, there’s not going to be anything left.
  4. the youth
    This Teen Who Arrived to Prom in a Coffin Will Make You Feel Extremely OldThat’s one way to make an entrance.
  5. advice
    Ask Polly: Is Life All Downhill From Here?Don’t assume that the future is even worse that the present.
  6. mortality
    The ‘Maternal Bereavement Effect’ Explains Why Parents Die After Their ChildrenA mother’s “hazard of mortality” shoots up by 326 percent in the two years following a child’s death.
  7. mortality
    People Are Dying Younger Because America Keeps Failing the Bad-Break TestIn the richest country in the world, it shouldn’t be the case that one bad break can trigger a downward spiral to death.
  8. mortality
    Black People Are Now Living Almost As Long As White People, But There’s a CatchThere’s been a heartening reduction in the racial lifespan gap, but it’s hiding some bad news for public health.
  9. The Gender Controversy Over White Mortality“It’s sometimes the case that when bloggers are responding in real time, they’re looking at one small slice of it without looking into the one bigger picture in which it fits.”
  10. concussions
    We All Make Decisions Like the One Wes Welker Just MadeWe’re constantly trying to reconcile what we want today with what might kill us decades from now.
  11. public health
    How Researchers Will Figure Out Why So Many Middle-aged White People Are DyingIt’s going to be very, very complicated.
  12. self portrait
    How I Learned to Love Almost DyingAn outtake from The Folded Clock by Heidi Julavits.
  13. lessons
    When Her Time Comes, Blake Will Bravely Accept Death’s Cold EmbraceShe will go gently.
  14. Atul Gawande on Making Life Meaningful, All the Way to the EndWhat we get wrong about our final years. 
  15. stress
    Everyday Annoyances Will Kill Us All Death by a thousand tiny hassles.