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Mothers And Daughters

  1. first person
    Going for Botox With My 82-Year-Old MomIn my 20s, I judged my mother for her midlife vanity. Now that I’m 55, I get it.
  2. mothers and daughters
    My Mother the CreatorThe daughter of artist Jennifer Bartlett unpacks and reflects on her complicated legacy — at home and in the art world.
  3. family
    ‘My Mom Is Selfish. Do I Still Have to be a ‘Good Daughter’?’Having a living mom, no matter how self-centered, is important, writes Brooding columnist Kathryn Jezer-Morton. Even if frustrating.
  4. family
    What My Mom Taught Me About SexGrowing up, my mother prioritized being with men above all else. Today, I’m still reckoning with what that meant — for her and for me.
  5. mothers and daughters
    25 Famous Women on Their MothersWith contributions from Kamala Harris, Zadie Smith, Tracee Ellis-Ross, and many more.
  6. new face on the block
    Kate Moss’s Daughter Is the New Face of Marc Jacobs BeautyMeet Lila Moss.
  7. talking to
    7 Teenage Girls and Their Moms on Watching Lady Bird Together“I probably have to have some therapy after this.”
  8. gallery
    See a Fashion Photographer’s Intimate Portraits of Her Mother’s WardrobeJessica Antola returned to her childhood home for a fashion shoot with her mom.
  9. mothers and daughters
    Everything Changed When My Mom Asked Me For Style TipsThe inexorable role reversal that happens with all parents and all children began when she told me she had nothing to wear.
  10. mothers and daughters
    When I Miss My Mom I Put on Her Eye Cream“Ashes to ashes, stuff to stuff.”
  11. women’s march 2017
    Moms and Kids on Why They Marched TogetherSee photographer Dorie Hagler’s portraits.
  12. mothers and daughters
    How Hillary Clinton Appealed to Anyone Who’s Ever Had a MomSome of last night’s best moments were about Clinton’s mother and daughter.
  13. mothers and daughters
    Nursing My Mother, the ICU NurseI have waited all my life for this access to my mother, and I will take her, as she is — distant, forlorn, changed.
  14. mothers and daughters
    Sometimes Being a Good Mom Means Shutting UpBut the definition of “good mom” is always changing.
  15. mothers and daughters
    11 Kids on What It’s Like When Mom Is Also a Boss“It’s normal for women to be the boss, Hello Kitty is a boss of the Kitties and she is a girl.”
  16. mothers and daughters
    What I Learned From Losing My Mother When I Was 17“I know mothers can cause people problems. But it’s hard to listen to people’s bellyaches about how terrible their mother is.”
  17. mothers and daughters
    I’m Glad My Mother WorkedBecause she taught me how to be a working mom, too.
  18. mothers and daughters
    My Mother’s Dementia Helped Me Finally Hear Her StoriesIf we don’t remember our lives, our days, who are we?
  19. shopping trips
    Mom, You Have Great Style, But Please Never Shop for Me Again“Fancy,” said my boyfriend. “You look just like your mother.”
  20. modern problems
    My Mom and I Blocked Each Other on Twitter to Save Our RelationshipAnd we are both happier now.
  21. new eyes
    Photographer Natalie Krick Shoots Her Mom in Sexy PosesShe uses wigs, makeup, nail polish, and Skittles to get in character.