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  1. health
    How to Motivate Yourself When Everything Is AwfulTen tricks to make yourself do the thing, according to experts.
  2. science of us
    How (and Why) to Make Yourself a ScheduleFor days when it’s hard to make yourself do stuff.
  3. science of us
    It’s Okay to Be PurposelessFor now and probably forever.
  4. your mileage may vary
    How to Deliver a Pep Talk That’s Actually MotivatingWhen “You’ve got this!” doesn’t cut it.
  5. science of us
    After the Olympics, Some Olympians Will Just Give UpNew research on the science of motivation says it’s hard to keep going after reaching your personal best.
  6. Sometimes Not Working Is Work, TooWhy the super-motivated need to force themselves to rest.
  7. How to Make Yourself Care About a Job You HateIf neither the perks nor the work itself is enough to keep you going.
  8. Employees Are More Motivated When Companies Are Transparent About SalaryA win-win.
  9. productivity
    To Better Motivate Someone, Understand How Close They Are to Their GoalA new study suggests people’s views of their goals switch depending on how far they are from accomplishing them.
  10. There’s Such a Thing As Too Much Work EthicIt’s a virtue, sure, but when it’s misunderstood, it’s also something that can hold you back.
  11. Peer Pressure Is a Better Motivator Than CashBribery and bonuses may work in the short term, but they’re not the best way to get people to change their behaviors in the long run.
  12. How to Choose a Gym You’ll Actually Go ToMake it easy on yourself.
  13. Making More Money Won’t Help You Like Your Job Any MoreIn fact, cash rewards actually make people less motivated.
  14. People Work Harder If You Praise Others in Front of ThemHow to motivate the bystanders.
  15. how people change
    To Reach Your Goals, Imagine You Already Tried and FailedA realist’s guide to New Year’s resolutions.
  16. What Happened When Schools Tried to Bribe Students Into Getting Good GradesMoney-as-motivator is never as straightforward as it seems like it should be.
  17. hunger games
    Hunger Might Be the Most Powerful Motivator on EarthIt’s stronger than thirst, fear, or social needs.
  18. motivation
    What Separates Champions From ‘Almost Champions’?New research helps explain why some people keep going when others quit.
  19. motivation
    Get Yourself to Do Stuff by Appealing to Your Own Sense of PrideIn a new book, a researcher argues that pride is the secret key to motivation.
  20. How to Make the Most of Your Fitbit, Even After You’ve Stopped Using ItKeep the motivation even without the step-counting.
  21. How to Motivate Your Employees: Give Them Compliments and PizzaGive the people what they want. (And what they want is pizza.)
  22. I Quit Fitbit and Fell Into Nihilistic DespairYou might be better off letting go of the step-counting obsession — but it can be a psychologically grueling process.
  23. The Best Time to Do Stuff You Hate Is When You’re at Your HappiestYour mood influences when you tackle the worst tasks on your to-do list.
  24. 2016 Olympics
    Why Olympic Athletes — and You — Should Stop Trying to Calm Down So MuchIf you treat anxiety like a friend, it will be your friend.
  25. A Form of Therapy That Convinces You to Go to the GymResearch on exercise aversion suggests that “acceptance commitment therapy” can be a powerful motivator.
  26. Google Wants to Help You Actually Do the Things You Intend to DoA new feature for the calendar app borrows from the work of behavioral scientist Dan Ariely.
  27. This Is the Best Advice on Motivation I Have Ever ReadYou can do this, even if you don’t feel like it.
  28. This Professor Thinks He’s Figured Out How to Get Students to StudyHe did a little experiment on his unknowing students.
  29. life goals
    Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions to Yourself, PleasePeople who talk a lot about their goals are often less likely to actually achieve them. 
  30. fragrant friday
    Will This Perfume Make You Stop Procrastinating?A fragrance experiment.
  31. motivation
    Yet Is a Tiny But Powerful WordUse its motivational powers to your advantage.
  32. productivity
    The 5-Minute Trick Can Make You Less LazySometimes you have to trick yourself into getting stuff done. 
  33. motivation
    How To Get People to Let You Cut Ahead in LineThe persuasive powers of the word because
  34. mind hacks
    How to Talk to YourselfReferring to yourself in the second-person is a little weird, but it seems to work.