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Mounir Moufarrige

  1. carried to halston
    First Came Lindsay Lohan, Then Came Sarah Jessica ParkerWhat the actress’s Halston appointment could mean for fashion.
  2. the curse of lohan
    Former Ungaro CEO Claims Lohan Disaster Did Not Lead Him to ResignHe’s, you know, just not part of the business strategy anymore.
  3. the curse of lohan
    Breaking: Ungaro CEO Resigns, Lindsay Lohan Stays OnBut don’t worry — she has a chaperone.
  4. the curse of lohan
    Ungaro Is Keeping Lindsay Lohan, and Terry Richardson Shot Her for PurpleWe cannot wait for that issue.
  5. the curse of lohan
    How Much Longer Will Lindsay Lohan Last at Ungaro?The label’s chairman reportedly wants her out.
  6. wonder woman
    Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Fashion Sugar Daddy’ Is Aware of Her Fragility, and Pays Her AccordinglyBut she still makes a fat wad of cash, contrary to rumors.
  7. wonder woman
    Lindsay Lohan’s Ungaro Debut Deemed DisastrousRead: glittery, heart-shaped nipple pasties.
  8. awkward publicity
    Estrella Archs Is Ungaro’s New Designer, You KnowShe hasn’t gotten much attention in the Lindsay Lohan era, but she deserves it.
  9. wonder woman
    Ungaro Hired Lindsay Lohan Mostly Because of Tim Gunn and Project RunwayThe clothes Lindsay had strewn all over her place also had something to do with it.
  10. this will scare you
    Lindsay Lohan Appointed ‘Artistic Adviser’ to Emanuel UngaroNo wonder Esteban Cortazar didn’t want to stick around.
  11. breakups
    Esteban Cortazar Out at Ungaro, But Will Lindsay Lohan Land the Campaign?She is the other woman that drove them apart.
  12. drama
    Esteban Cortazar Seems to Have Patched Things Up With Emanuel UngaroFor now.
  13. oh dear
    Esteban Cortazar May Be Out at Ungaro and Lindsay Lohan May Have Something to Do With It!Management reportedly wanted LiLo for the ad campaign, but Cortazar will have none of it.