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  1. let’s go party
    Send Me to Barbie Land ImmediatelyThe Barbie movie is a welcome salve for our weary bimbo souls.
  2. rules to live by
    Michaela Watkins Is “Honest to a Fault”Unlike her You Hurt My Feelings character, the actress has a hard time telling little white lies.
  3. taste test
    Trace Lysette on the Reality of Making History With Monica“A cis actress who goes to Venice and gets an 11-minute standing ovation probably has a couple scripts waiting for her. I didn’t have that.”
  4. taste test
    Dianna Agron Wants to Throw More Paella PartiesThe Clock star understands the value of collaborative cooking.
  5. families
    What Do You Do When Your Mom Disappears Without a Trace?If you’re Reed and Sam Harkness, you make a documentary about it.
  6. netflix and chill
    17 Sexiest Movies on NetflixEverything you need for a steamy viewing experience.
  7. dream date
    Will Poulter Can’t Believe He’s This Swole EitherThe humble Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 actor puts his hands to good use.
  8. rust
    Everything We Know About the Rust ShootingAlec Baldwin’s lawyers say involuntary-manslaughter charges against the actor have been dropped.
  9. q&a
    Ariela Barer Is Sure We Can Fix the Climate CrisisThe 24-year-old How to Blow Up a Pipeline co-writer and star is taking matters into her own hands.
  10. q&a
    David Jonsson on Rye Lane’s Colorful EnergyThe Peckham-set rom-com takes place a world away from the chaotic London financial district on Industry.
  11. profile
    Nan Goldin’s Happy EndingThe demimonde photographer long considered herself a filmmaker. Then Laura Poitras made a documentary about her.
  12. cut covers
    Lucy Liu Is the Least-Bothered Person You Know“I’m sure there are tons of people who don’t like my work or my career or me. I’m not here to change somebody’s mind.”
  13. celebrity
    M3gan Is Getting Into FashionModel 3 Generative Android? More like Model 4 Marc Jacobs.
  14. oscars 2023
    Michelle Yeoh Made Oscars HistoryShe’s the first Asian woman to win Best Actress (and the first woman of color to win since 2002).
  15. movies
    Are You Ready for Cocaine Bear?Here’s the real story of how “a 500-pound apex predator” wound up doing a “staggering” amount of blow.
  16. cut covers
    Nia Long Is Doing Just Fine, Thanks for AskingThe ’90s icon has always lived a life in the public eye but lately has been hypervisible. Now, finally, she’s ready to have fun.
  17. encounter
    It’s Not Just You — Lukas Gage Really Is Everywhere“I got to stop going viral. I got to just lay low.”
  18. q&a
    Bethann Hardison Looks Back on Her Life With a New DocumentaryThe activist and model spoke to the Cut about premiering Invisible Beauty at Sundance and why she refuses to use the term “Black excellence.”
  19. q&a
    Saint Omer’s Guslagie Malanda Is No Longer an Actress in SecretHow the Saint Omer actress went from art curator to awards-season hopeful.
  20. 5 questions with…
    Reece Feldman Follows the Timothée Chalamet Rule of Style“I go by the rule of thumb that any time Timothée Chalamet or Harry Styles does something on a red carpet, I’m then allowed to do it.”
  21. dream date
    Still Crushing on Logan LermanYour internet boyfriend is all grown up.
  22. q&a
    Lampooning Every Parent’s NightmareNobody wants to drop a baby, but Anna Konkle found a way to make you laugh about it.
  23. golden globes 2023
    The Highs and Lows of the 2023 Golden GlobesFrom Abbott Elementary’s many wins to the multiple references to The Slap.
  24. culture
    Every Thought I Had While Watching M3ganSupport women in STEM.
  25. movies
    M3gan Is EverywhereHappy January 6!
  26. nostalgia
    Writing Yourself Back Into the PastWatching Aftersun unlocked a new way of understanding my parents.
  27. year in review
    The Best Movies and Shows You Probably Didn’t See This YearFrom the swiftly canceled to the subtly overlooked, these are the best movies and TV shows you probably didn’t see this year.
  28. gimme
    Will the Barbie Movie Save 2023?The power of Margot Robbie’s wink suggests that yes, it will.
  29. encounter
    A Holiday Engagement With Zoey DeutchWith Something From Tiffany’s, the actress revives the holiday rom-com.
  30. odes
    It’s a Hot Single Dad ChristmasThe hottest holiday movie trope this year is the sexy single dad.
  31. breakout
    Madelyn Cline Will Prove You WrongLike her Glass Onion character, Madelyn Cline is determined to show you there’s more to her than meets the eye.
  32. friendship
    Weekly Movie Dates Are Keeping My Winter Blues at Bay’Tis the season to run from sadness.
  33. stop the hustle
    ‘She Said’ Is My Workaholic NightmareI wish journalism movies would stop glorifying hustle culture.
  34. abs
    Prepare Yourself for Magic Mike’s Final ChapterIn which Channing Tatum … goes to London?
  35. cut covers
    The Uncompromising Danai GuriraThe Black Panther: Wakanda Forever star is in pursuit of exactly what she wants.
  36. culture
    Every Thought I Had While Watching Falling for Christmas’Tis the season to celebrate the return of Lindsay Lohan.
  37. culture
    ‘Weird: The Al Yankovic Story’ Is a Perfect ParodyThanks to Daniel Radcliffe, an accordion, and a curly wig.
  38. burning questions
    No, Lydia Tár Is Not RealBut I kind of wish she were.
  39. dream date
    Nick Kroll Is Ready for Your Dad JokesFor the comedian and Big Mouth creator, delayed puberty has nothing on starting a family in his 40s.
  40. cut covers
    Emma Corrin, the Shape-shifterThe 26-year-old star of this fall’s My Policeman and Lady Chatterley’s Lover has been time-traveling.
  41. shopping
    Your Guide to Frigid-Bitch WinterCourtesy of the fictional — but very chic — Lydia Tár.
  42. movies
    What We Know About Bill Murray’s ‘Inappropriate Behavior’ on SetA new report claims he straddled and kissed a production staffer on the set of Being Mortal.
  43. culture
    Bedknobs and Broomsticks Was My ChildhoodI’ll always remember Angela Lansbury playing a childless, Nazi-fighting witch.
  44. culture
    Where Did Don’t Worry Darling Go Wrong?Hollywood feminism strikes again.
  45. bros
    Billy Eichner Is Disappointed With the StraightsEichner’s gay rom-com, Bros, opened in theaters this weekend, but the box-office performance was less than stellar.
  46. culture
    The Deadly Glamour of BlondeHow much of the depicted violence Marilyn Monroe endured was necessary to tell her story in this film?
  47. cut chat
    Every Thought We Had Watching Don’t Worry DarlingFor starters, it was definitely a movie.
  48. celebrity
    Why Is Margot Robbie ‘Mortified’ by Those Barbie Photos?If I were photographed Rollerblading in a leotard in Venice Beach, I’d be posting about it for weeks.
  49. 5 questions with…
    How Gina Prince-Bythewood Made The Woman King ‘Intimately Epic’The filmmaker is giving the action genre a much-needed update.
  50. cut opinion pages
    Let the Woman RestThe Marilyn Monroe in Blonde is yet another figment of our imagination. Maybe we could come up with something else now?
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