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  1. nope
    Keke Palmer Would Rather You Not Compare Her to ZendayaOr anyone, for that matter.
  2. don’t call it a comeback
    Cameron Diaz Is Coming Out of RetirementWith a little help from Tom Brady.
  3. 5 questions with…
    Emma Thompson Is Addressing the Orgasm Gap Head-onHer latest, Good Luck to You, Leo Grande, explores the sexual awakening of a woman in her 60s.
  4. oh?
    I’ll Never Be Able to Unsee Ryan Gosling As KenBlond hair? Check. Six-pack abs? Check. Spray tan? Check.
  5. power
    All of the Allegations Against Director Cary FukunagaAt least three women have come forward with accusations of inappropriate behavior including grooming.
  6. obsessions
    I Can’t Shut Up About Everything Everywhere All at OnceAnd neither can Jamie Lee Curtis.
  7. confessions
    I Hate How Much I Love Marvel MoviesHow did a Disney megafranchise become my comfort food?
  8. movies
    Bill Murray Addresses the Reports of ‘Inappropriate Behavior’ on Set“I had a difference of opinion with a woman I’m working with.”
  9. huh
    Margot Robbie Makes History As a Barbie With Actual, Human ProportionsThe live-action Barbie movie looks kinda good.
  10. rust
    Everything We Know About the Rust ShootingNewly released body cam footage shows Alec Baldwin speaking with law enforcement on set.
  11. nostalgia
    Reuniting With Romy and MicheleIt’s the kind of friendship found in the buddy rom-com classic — which turns 25 this week — that makes high school worth it.
  12. i am weed
    The MGK and Megan Fox Movie Trailer Is Shockingly PDA FreeMod Sun and Pete Davidson also appear in Good Mourning.
  13. west side story
    Rachel Zegler Says Answering for Ansel Elgort Was a ‘Gut Punch’In a new interview, the West Side Story actor said she wants to move on from addressing sexual-assault allegations against her co-star.
  14. apologies
    Sam Elliott Regrets Homophobic RantThe actor apologized for calling The Power of the Dog a “piece of shit.”
  15. oscars 2022
    The Academy Has Taken Action on the SlapWill Smith will be banned from the organization’s events, including the Oscars, for ten years.
  16. oscars 2022
    The Oscar Hosts Didn’t Come to Play NiceYes, there was an obligatory dig at Leonardo DiCaprio.
  17. oscars 2022
    Encanto Is for Hotties Now“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” featuring … Megan Thee Stallion?
  18. watch party
    Did Black Swan Predict the Plight of the Modern Worker?A movie about a ballerina overworking (and consequently destroying) herself is a cautionary tale that’s never felt more relevant.
  19. movies
    Every Thought I Had While Watching Deep WaterBen Affleck, Ana de Armas, sexy murder, and … snails?
  20. 5 questions with…
    Brittany Snow Is Doing Her Best Dolly PartonHer turn as a Texas sweetheart is slasher romp X will have you blessing your heart.
  21. watch party
    Love & Basketball Doesn’t Sacrifice Anything for the Happy EndingThe early-aughts romantic classic reminds us that we can be our own first love.
  22. culture
    Imagine Having the Nerve to Compare Yourself to Serena and VenusDirector Jane Campion said the Williams sisters “don’t play against the guys, like I have to.”
  23. watch party
    Where Is the Future That Baby Boom Promised?The Diane Keaton–starring ’80s film is depressingly hopeful about the (fantasy) future for working moms.
  24. watch party
    In Norma Rae It’s Worker Solidarity First, Ambition SecondThe 1979 Sally Field classic is even more relevant today, for better or worse.
  25. celebrity
    Zoë Kravitz Says She’s Been Turned Down for Roles Over RaceThe Batman star said she couldn’t audition for The Dark Knight because they weren’t going “urban” for the role.
  26. 5 questions with…
    Daisy Edgar-Jones on Her Terrifying Meet-Cute FreshThe Normal People star talks playing complicated women, bangs, and the newest Sally Rooney series.
  27. watch party
    Maybe Don’t Take Career Advice From Valley of the DollsThe campy classic offers women little more life advice than to “sparkle, sparkle.”
  28. culture
    Celebrate Black Women in Film With These 20 ClassicsThese films — starring and directed by Black women across the diaspora — feature tales of love, self-discovery, and adventure.
  29. culture
    Skip the Romantic Classic TonightMovies to watch if you’re not into taking Valentine’s Day seriously.
  30. movies
    Every Thought I Had While Watching Marry MeIt feels illegal to watch Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson kiss.
  31. the oscars
    Kirsten Dunst Finally Got an Oscar NominationNot that she needed it, but still.
  32. zen men
    Channing Tatum’s Year of Rest and RelaxationSounds like he did a lot of self-exploration after his divorce.
  33. ugh
    Actors Are Still Bending Over Backward to Defend Woody AllenWallace Shawn wants you to know he’s looked into the sexual-assault allegations, and he doesn’t believe them.
  34. sundance 2022
    Fresh Is a Meet-Cute HorrorThe gory thriller will make you think twice about giving a guy at the supermarket your number.
  35. sundance 2022
    The Heartbreak of Leaving Behind a Best FriendAm I OK? is for our platonic long-distance loves.
  36. netflix and chill
    17 Sexiest Movies on NetflixEverything you need for a steamy viewing experience.
  37. enough
    What Else Can We Put in Space?Apparently, someone is building a movie studio and sports arena out there.
  38. movies
    Daniel Radcliffe, We Are Ready for Your Music CareerThe actor will be portraying Weird Al in an upcoming biopic.
  39. celebrity
    Neve Campbell Was Once Attacked by a Bear on a Movie Set“They said dip your hand in honey and just run.”
  40. culture
    The Perpetual Rage of MotherhoodThe Lost Daughter’s Leda is really, really angry. It’s not enough.
  41. year in review
    An Ode to 2021’s Most Notable (i.e., Chaotic) WigsIt was a banner year for hairpieces.
  42. encounter
    Peter Sarsgaard’s Literary FixationsThe bee-raising, orchard-tending Brooklyn aristocrat on reading Nabokov and making films with Maggie.
  43. nostalgia
    Avril Lavigne Says a ‘Sk8r Boi’ Movie Is in the WorksPerhaps it will be rockin’ up MTV?
  44. is this chivalry?
    Leonardo DiCaprio, Guardian of ButtsHe put a stop to Meryl Streep’s butt’s nude scene, purportedly out of respect.
  45. celebrity
    Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas Were Going To Hulu This Whole TimeDeep Water just found a new home
  46. culture
    Anne Rice, Queen of Gothic Fiction, Dies at 80The ‘Interview with the Vampire’ author defined the genre.
  47. cut covers
    Kirsten Dunst Doesn’t Need Your OscarsThe actress is back in her biggest role yet — which isn’t a knock on her résumé. It’s a testament to her talent.
  48. thirst traps
    He’s Still Got Magic in That MikeChanning Tatum is coming back with another Magic Mike movie.
  49. house of gucci
    The Real Stars of House of Gucci Are the Powerful NosesWe love seeing the schnoz get the appreciation it deserves.
  50. $$$
    Patrizia Reggiani Really Loved Being RichSome actual quotes from the ex-wife of Maurizio Gucci that prove she is the perfect villain.
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