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  1. movies
    Here’s a Very Sensual Movie to Watch While You’re Stuck at HomePortrait of a Lady on Fire is coming to Hulu tonight.
  2. recommendations
    Tonight, Watch Birds of Prey and Cover Yourself in GlitterIt’s the perfect combo.
  3. movies
    Seth Rogen’s Cats Review Is Perfect“WHAT IS JELLICLE?!,!?”
  4. coronavirus
    How to Have a Group Movie Night Without Leaving IsolationThe “Netflix Party” plug-in lets you stream movies and TV while video chatting.
  5. recommendations
    We Figured Out Your Plans for TonightIt’s just the movie Cats and Baby Foot.
  6. culture
    13 Things To Watch That Have Nothing to Do With the NewsFrom The Godfather to Something’s Gotta Give, here’s what you should watch while you’re stuck at home.
  7. culture
    Swallow Is Like Art-House My Strange AddictionThe film is prettier, but just as nauseating.
  8. why is your skin so good
    How the Author of Netflix’s Best Teen Romance Does Skin CareJenny Han, who wrote To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, is a big believer in Korean beauty.
  9. fashion
    Emma Is Worth Seeing for the HatsAnd the hair.
  10. encounter
    Talking Death and God With Zoey DeutchThe Buffaloed star has no patience for small talk.
  11. coronavirus
    Definitely Don’t Watch Contagion Right NowNot even the trailer!
  12. movies
    Want to Watch Something Really Deranged This Weekend?The Invisible Man, a truly unhinged thriller starring Elisabeth Moss, is now on streaming.
  13. hustlers
    Constance Wu Made $600 in One Night While Undercover at a Strip ClubRamona would be proud.
  14. q&a
    If You Like Nora Ephron, You’ll Love The PhotographDirector Stella Meghie on creating a lush, dreamy southern love story.
  15. dream date
    To All The Girls He’s Loved BeforeWelcome to Jordan Fisher’s real-life rom-com.
  16. ferrante fever
    The New Elena Ferrante Adaptation Has EverythingMaggie Gyllenhaal’s directorial debut! Olivia Colman ruminating! Dakota Johnson chilling by the sea!
  17. valentine’s day
    5 Movies That Will Make You Never Want to Have Sex AgainFor when you need to get out of the mood.
  18. parasite
    Has Anyone Ever Had a Better Night Out Than Bong Joon Ho?Watching the Parasite director have his fun at the Oscars was a delight.
  19. oscars 2020
    This Is the Kind of Celebrity Advocacy We NeedTaika Waititi used his Oscars moment to bemoan the new Apple keyboards.
  20. valentine’s day
    How to Host the Perfect Valentine’s Day Film FestivalHere are the movies to watch, and the order to watch them in.
  21. betrayal
    Would Your Partner ‘Force Majeure’ You?A morbid relationship parlor game just in time for Valentine’s Day.
  22. zoom zoom
    Every Single Tank Top in the Fast & Furious 9 TrailerA tremendous, deltoid-forward experience.
  23. celebrity
    Gwyneth Paltrow’s Kids Have Only Seen One of Her FilmsCan you guess which one?
  24. golden globes 2020
    Jason Momoa’s Arms Have Arrived at the Golden GlobesA pair of special guests.
  25. encounter
    As New York As It GetsMeet Julia Fox, the “thoroughbred New York biotch” of Uncut Gems
  26. recommendations
    The Best Romantic Comedy of 2019 That You Probably Didn’t SeeYes, that Charlize Theron movie.
  27. culture
    I Admire Robert Pattinson for Having a Good Plan BHe joked that he’ll go into erotic films if Batman fails.
  28. culture
    Just Why Is the Professor in Little Women So Hot?Unlike the stodgy, middle-aged professor of the book, Greta Gerwig’s Bhaer is a genuine sex symbol — a not-insignificant choice.
  29. pubic relations
    Jason Derulo Is the Best Publicist for His AnacondaThe MVP of the Cats press tour.
  30. cats
    Cats Has Plunged Us All Into a Horrifying Fever DreamA roundup of some of the strangest moments related to the film, from Judi Dench’s human hand to everything Jason Derulo has said in the past month.
  31. horniness
    Cats Is ‘Unnervingly Erotic,’ and It’s Stressing Critics OutCats always feels like it’s two seconds away from turning into a furry orgy in a dumpster.”
  32. the cut opinion pages
    Movies Should Be 97 Minutes LongMovies are getting longer, which means many movies are way too long.
  33. culture
    10 Beautiful Photos of Brad Pitt in Middle AgeHappy birthday to this very pretty man.
  34. q&a
    The Director Who Told a Different Stripper StoryLorene Scafaria on getting Hustlers green-lit by executives who couldn’t say “stripper” without giggling.
  35. hairy situations
    The To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Sequel Has So Many BarrettesLara Jean is back with Peter Kavinsky and plenty of things in her hair.
  36. totally kind of hot
    Adam Sandler Is Unnervingly Hot in His New MovieRavage me, big daddy.
  37. movies
    What to Do If Your Recently Divorced Friend Starts Singing Sondheim at a BarA question raised by Adam Driver’s behavior in Marriage Story.
  38. culture
    What to Watch Instead of Love Actually for the 100th TimeWhile they’re no Love Actually, these films have all the essentials: simple hunks, weather-related meet-cutes, and former Disney Channel starlets.
  39. costumes
    The Best Part of The Irishman Is the PajamasJust two wise guys, swapping secrets like teenagers at a sleepover.
  40. power
    Charlize Theron Says Weinstein Lied to People About Them Sleeping Together“One of his lines was that Renée Zellweger and I slept with him to get jobs. There was no limit to him.”
  41. oooh
    Adult Man Shares Some Good Gossip About Middle-School FriendsRon says Hermione and Draco had a “spark.”
  42. cats
    What Size Are These Cats?The new trailer presents some mixed messages.
  43. movies
    Young Ralph Lauren Was Such a CharmerA new HBO documentary captures the designer’s life, and many good looks.
  44. culture
    Drunk Olivia Colman Deserves Her Own OscarThe Best Actress winner joked that she was so “bladdered” at the Academy Awards that she doesn’t remember her speech.
  45. ahhh ah ah ah ahhh ah
    The A Star Is Born Press Tour Will Outlast Us AllOprah and Lady Gaga discussed the “Shallow” Oscars performance.
  46. parties!
    Chanel Comes Together for Women in FilmActors and filmmakers gathered to kick off the Tribeca Women’s Filmmaker Program, Through Her Lens.
  47. movies
    And the Oscar Goes to Robert Pattinson’s French AccentA history-making dick joke was made in The King.
  48. movies
    Lily-Rose Depp and Timothée Chalamet Have Actual Chemistry in The KingUnlike that kissing photo.
  49. movies
    LaKeith Stanfield Should Be the Romantic Lead in Every MovieConsider The Photograph trailer his audition tape.
  50. vulture festival
    See the Stars of Pen15 at Vulture FestivalBeing interviewed over instant messenger, of course.
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