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  1. advertising
    MRAs Outraged After Razor Company Asks Men to Show Common DecencyThe brand’s new ad campaign asks men to stand up against bullying and harassment; MRAs are predictably not happy about it.
  2. mras
    Reddit Just Banned This Controversial Forum for Hating WomenPick-up artists beware.
  3. owned
    Pro-Rape Meet-Up Canceled After Women’s Boxing Club Threatens to Show UpDon’t mess with women, especially if they’re wearing boxing gloves.
  4. mras
    Men’s Rights Go Mainstream on SNLLeft-leaning New Republic and Saturday Night Live address men’s rights activism. 
  5. celebrity parenting
    Kate Winslet Versus the Men’s Rights ActivistsFathers4Justice say she’s shutting her ex-husband out of their children’s lives. He disagrees.