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  1. true crime
    Everything to Know About the Yoga Twin Murder CaseAlexandria Duval stands trial this week, accused of murdering her twin sister by driving them both off a cliff in Hawaii.
  2. crime
    The Case of the Murdered Canadian Billionaires Is Getting Stranger and StrangerPrivate investigators reportedly now believe that Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered by multiple people.
  3. crime
    Woman Accused of Dismembering Boyfriend Linked to Cold CaseThe body of another man was found in garbage bags along the Tomoka River in 2007.
  4. crime
    ‘Black Widow of the Riviera’ Allegedly Seduced, Killed Wealthy MenPatricia Dagorn is accused of drugging men and then having them name her in their wills.
  5. crime
    How This Selfie Helped Convict a Woman Who Killed Her Best FriendThe murder weapon was hiding in plain sight.
  6. crime
    Wrong Woman Killed in Botched Love Triangle Murder-for-Hire PlotPolice say 42-year-old Janice Zengotita-Torres “lost her life for no reason.”
  7. crime
    Inventor Charged With Murder of Journalist Kim WallHe’s long been suspected of killing her, as she was last seen boarding his submarine for a story.
  8. #justiceforzainab
    Pakistan Is Outraged Over Heinous Rape and Murder of Young GirlOver 600,000 people have demanded #JusticeforZainab.
  9. gun violence
    Rihanna Mourns Cousin’s Murder“Can’t believe it was just last night that I held you in my arms! never thought that would be the last time I felt the warmth in your body.”
  10. slender man
    Teen Accused in Slender Man Stabbing Sentenced to 25 Years in Mental HospitalAnissa Weier will be institutionalized until age 37 for helping stab a classmate 19 times.
  11. Man Allegedly Murdered His Wife Because She ‘Wouldn’t Stop Laughing at Him’He allegedly told a witness, “She would not stop laughing at me.”
  12. true crime
    Parrot Snitches on Woman in Murder CaseGlenna Duram was found guilty of killing her husband on Wednesday.
  13. Man Arrested After Allegedly Confessing on Reddit to Murdering His GirlfriendAger Hasan allegedly stabbed Melinda Vasilije to death in April.
  14. oops
    New Hampshire Fixes Mistake That Allowed Women to Commit MurderOops!
  15. Man to Be First Person Sentenced of Federal Hate Crime for Transgender MurderJoshua Brandon Vallum pleaded guilty to murdering Mercedes Williamson in December.
  16. interview
    Mommy Dead and Dearest: Murder, Munchausen, and Gypsy Rose BlanchardTalking to Erin Lee Carr, director of a new HBO documentary.
  17. true crime
    This Man May Be Convicted of His Wife’s Murder Because of Her Fitbit DataRichard Dabate is accused of killing his wife Connie, and her last recorded steps on Fitbit are part of the case against him.
  18. law and order
    Casey Anthony ‘Sleeps Pretty Good At Night’ 6 Years After Murder TrialAmerica’s “most hated mom” speaks out about her daughter’s murder for the first time.
  19. crime
    A Georgia Beauty Queen Who Disappeared Years Ago Was Allegedly MurderedA man was just charged in Tara Grinstead’s mysterious disappearance.
  20. relationships
    Let’s Stop Treating the Divorce Rate Like the Crime Rate“We don’t know … if we’re measuring a problem, or some kind of healthy churning.”
  21. Florida Man Arrested for Raping Woman After Shooting Her for Rejecting HimChristopher William Shows was arrested December 16.
  22. true crime
    Man Arrested for Murder of Reality-Show ContestantThe body of Lisa Marie Naegle, who appeared on Bridalplasty, was discovered on Tuesday.
  23. true crime
    A Jury Found a Husband Guilty of Hiring Hit Man to Murder His WifeMorrad Ghonim’s conviction brought to a close a cold case dating back to 1992.
  24. true crime
    Prosecutors Rearrested a Yoga Instructor for the Murder of Her Twin SisterNew evidence led to prosecutors rearresting Alexandria Duval for the murder of her twin sister, Anastasia.
  25. crime
    Charges Dropped Against Chandra Levy’s Accused Murderer The notorious 2001 murder case of the young Federal Bureau of Prisons intern remains unsolved.  
  26. trend watch
    What’s Gwyneth Paltrow’s Thing? MurderShe said so herself.
  27. more horrible things
    Brother Confesses to Murder of Qandeel BalochHe drugged and murdered her.
  28. more horrible things
    Pakistani Social-Media Star Murdered in ‘Honor Killing’Qandeel Baloch was reportedly strangled by her brother.
  29. horrible things
    Woman Stabbed to Death on the Subway After Rebuffing the Man She Was DatingOn an afternoon Chicago Red Line train.
  30. crime
    Man Suspected of Killing His Wife and 4 DaughtersHe fled to Mexico.
  31. Yoga Instructor Accused of Killing Twin Cleared The judge didn’t find enough evidence that Alison Dadow intentionally drove her SUV off a cliff to kill her twin sister.
  32. Yoga Instructor Accused of Murdering Her TwinAlison Dadow is accused of intentionally driving her car off a cliff in Hawaii to kill her twin sister.
  33. crime
    A Teen Recorded His Girlfriend’s Rape and MurderHer alleged last words: “I don’t want to die.”
  34. crime
    A Serial-Killer Novel Comes Horrifyingly to LifeJust like in the novel’s opening scene, the woman’s body was drained of blood.
  35. violence
    10 Trans Women Have Been Murdered in the U.S. This YearIncluding India Clarke, who was found beaten to death in Tampa earlier this week.
  36. vigilantes
    ‘Diana, Hunter of Bus Drivers’ Says She’s Murdering Rapists in Juarez“I am the instrument of vengeance for several women.”
  37. faces of things
    Oscar Pistorius Dropped by Thierry Mugler, TooEndorsement deals don’t square with murder charges.