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  1. encounter
    A Soft New WorldInside sonia louise davis’s Queens Museum studio, large-scale textiles radiate warmth.
  2. breakout
    Eclipsing the RotundaWith “Going Dark,” curator Ashley James brings an unconventional group show to the Guggenheim’s famed spiral.
  3. society pages
    The Whitney Art Party Gets Horn-yGo inside the museum’s astrology-themed event with Ashley Graham and Tracy Anderson.
  4. black history
    Black Film History Finally Gets Its DueThe Academy Museum’s latest exhibition honors early pioneers of Black cinema.
  5. niche drama
    I Can’t Get Enough of This Tasmanian ‘Poo Museum’ DramaResidents of the Australian island are involved in a bitter feud over a sign featuring a penguin projectile pooping.
  6. gallery
    The Look Book Goes to the Met’s Reopening DayWith timed ticketing, temperature-taking at the door, and a 25 percent occupancy limit.
  7. culture
    The Met Reopens, Now With Breathing RoomGo see New York’s biggest museum when it’s 75 percent less crowded.
  8. talking to
    7 Women on Muslim Representation in Fashion“When Muslim women are usually shown in the media and in art, it’s always that stereotypical, white-passing, thin or Arabic-looking woman, right?”
  9. fashion
    A Museum Show Where You Can Wear the Art HomeThe Whitney’s Eckhaus Latta exhibit doubles as a clothing store.
  10. instagram magnets
    New York City Will Soon Host the World’s Most Instagrammable MuseumIt’s going to be a pepperoni-filled playground.
  11. nostalgia
    Farewell to the Most Sparkly Sacred Place in New YorkLong before crystals were trendy, the Hall of Gems and Minerals was a haven for kids.
  12. Museums Across the World Are Collecting Women’s March SignsThe protest signs won’t go to waste.
  13. gallery
    Tour This Museum in an Abandoned Elevator ShaftIt has Trump vodka, Caitlyn Jenner cookies, and cornflakes.
  14. museums
    Would You Visit a Museum Dedicated to the Olsen Twins? (Yes, Duh) A space to silently contemplate Mary-Kate and Ashley’s impact on our lives.
  15. revolving door
    Andrew Bolton Is Taking Over at the Costume InstituteHarold Koda is retiring in January.
  16. There’s Already a Bag Inspired by the New WhitneyMax Mara releases its limited-edition “Whitney Bag.”
  17. but is it art?
    Museums Ban Selfie Sticks From Their Stately Venues of Enlightened GazingThe Guggenheim, the Frick, and the MoMA kibosh the smart-phone extender. 
  18. museums
    Katy Perry Will Hang in the National Portrait Gallery, Dressed As a CupcakeOkay, fine. 
  19. our selfies ourselves
    The 19 Types of Selfies at Museum Selfie DayIt belongs in a museum!
  20. but is it art?
    Art From 400 Years Ago Still Shocking ViewersAs human civilization continues forth, our eyes regress.
  21. boobs on bears
    Visit Gaultier’s Toy Bear at the Brooklyn MuseumHer name is Nana, and she has fake breasts.
  22. our bodies our selfies
    You Know Your Duckface Should Be in a MuseumA museum in London devotes an exhibit to the selfie.
  23. parties
    Dior Named Lead Sponsor of the 2013 Guggenheim International Gala Raf Simons will be an honorary co-chair.
  24. Valentino: Expensive Dresses ‘Have to Be Like Jewels’See video of his new “Master of Couture” exhibition.
  25. a louvre affair
    Ferragamo to Sponsor New Louvre ExhibitionHow nice.
  26. pop-ups
    Prada Opens a Pop-up Museum Next TuesdayBut just for 24 short hours.
  27. dresses that belong in museums
    A First Look at F.I.T.’s New Exhibit, ‘The Great Designers’Including pieces by Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Thierry Mugler, Rick Owens, and many more.
  28. museums
    Marc Jacobs Is Getting a Museum Exhibit, TooIt’ll showcase his work for Louis Vuitton.
  29. museums
    A Talking Jean Paul Gaultier Doll Will Greet Visitors at His Retrospective ExhibitAlso on exhibit: a teddy bear which Jean Paul Gaultier stuck paper breasts onto when he was a child.