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  1. health
    Could Magic Mushrooms Be the Drug to Finally Cure Eating Disorders?For young patients, lasting treatment can feel elusive. Psychedelics could change that.
  2. family
    Tripping With My MomAn unspoken, impenetrable chill kept us apart for years. ’Shrooms brought us back together.
  3. 5 questions with…
    Tierra Whack Hates Mushrooms (Not the Drug Type)The rapper is embarking on a new journey designing jewelry.
  4. are u coming?
    Tripping ’Til 10 a.m. With Hot Psychonaut-Therapist MommyYeah, I was out of my mind.
  5. wellness theories
    How a Mushroom Expert Does WellnessRainbo’s Tonya Papanikolov on yoga, meditation, and the power of fungi.
  6. swellness
    Are Mushrooms the Best Brain Food?The Cut spoke with an expert about fungi’s surprising cognitive benefits.
  7. science of us
    Everything You Need to Know About Microdosing’s MicromomentConsuming crumb-size amounts of psychedelics — not to get high but to feel more focused and creative and present — has moved a tiny bit mainstream.
  8. swellness
    Do Medicinal Mushrooms Actually Work?The magical health and beauty benefits of mushrooms.
  9. gallery
    Zone Out With These Psychedelic Garden Photos Flowers and Mushrooms, by famed Swiss duo Fischli/Weiss.
  10. swellness
    Here’s the Next Great Hope for Your Sugar AddictionMushrooms could make unsweetened foods more palatable.
  11. shrooms
    Study Suggests Psychedelic Mushrooms Might Help Severe DepressionBut don’t get too excited just yet.
  12. home remedies
    Psychedelic Mushrooms Cured My Cluster HeadachesThey’re so bad, they’re known as “suicide headaches.” But there’s a simple fix.