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  1. music videos
    Can Calvin Harris Please Just Let Rihanna Out of This Neon Cube?Too. Much. Strobe.
  2. videology
    Why Do All New Music Videos Look Like a Unicorn Threw Up on Them?It’s officially a trend. 
  3. bringing sexy back?
    After Bringing Sexy Back, Justin Timberlake Cruelly Takes It AwayThe 10 least-sexy moments from his new video.
  4. music videos
    Nick Jonas Has No Respect for Nice FurnitureHe took “a chainsaw to the sofa.”
  5. photoshop disasters
    Meghan Trainor Took Down Her New Music VideoHow about we stop altering women’s bodies without their permission?
  6. witches
    These Witches Dancing to German Reggae Are Having More Fun Than YouOur invitation got lost in the mail.
  7. music videos
    Being a Female Pop Star Seems Really Fun!According to Rihanna and Lana Del Rey, at least.
  8. hotshot
    Amy Schumer and Friends Re-created a J.Lo VideoOn a gleaming white yacht.
  9. reunions
    A History of Rihanna Being Too Glorious for Drake to HandleNot a boy, not yet a man.
  10. the future
    Our Dystopian Future Better Look Like This Grimes VideoShe makes the post-apocalypse look so cool.
  11. i wanna know what love is
    I Now Know What Love Is, Thanks to the ‘My Beyoncé’ VideoThe most romantic song ever now has a Love and Basketball–themed video.
  12. wardrobes we want
    Rashida Jones’s New Video Is a Guide to Looking Fly, ’90s-StyleYou’ll want to “Flip and Rewind.”
  13. joey fatone is the best ‘n sync member
    Fall Out Boy’s Tribute to ’N Sync Makes Us Really Miss ’N SyncCome back to me, J.C.
  14. supergroups
    Here’s the All-Female Answer to N.W.AWomen With Attitude.
  15. creative ruses
    Was It All Just a Lie, Hilary Duff? Was It Ever Real?She made a music video and fools of us all.
  16. documentaries posing as music videos
    This Music Video Is So Accurate About How Women RelaxLounging among records, gyrating adorably to a new Nile Rodgers song.  
  17. fashion
    A Crucial Music Video About Dressing With TasteOne singer-songwriter, four looks. 
  18. Sometimes, the After-party Is Sulking in a CabLåpsley’s new music video for “Brownlow.”
  19. dispatches from fashion week
    A$AP Ferg Turned Fashion Week Into a Music Video“Dope Walk,” recorded for Cara Delevingne (and everyone else). 
  20. the pit and the pendulum
    New FKA Twigs Video: Bondage, Alien Goop, Business As UsualThe video for “Pendulum” has arrived. 
  21. Taylor Swift Is a Crazy, Car-Smashing Psycho ExHer new video makes codependency look so glam.
  22. near misses
    Lady Gaga Made a Gross Music Video With R. KellyFortunately, it will not be released.
  23. paris hilton
    Paris Hilton Is Time-TravelingScenes from her new music video.
  24. yoko ono
    Yoko Ono’s New Music Video Would Make Her an Internet SensationIf she wasn’t already.
  25. music videos
    Paris Hilton Is Perpetually Throwing a Pool Party in 2003It’s Paris Hilton’s new music video, featuring Lil Wayne and hefty glow sticks.
  26. Ratchet Is Dead: Inside the Mind of a Miley Cyrus StylistLisa Katnic, who wardrobed nearly every big music video this summer, is ready for a new look.
  27. music videos
    Kardashian Look-alike in Ray J’s Music Video Ranks Pretty LowWatch the music video for “I Hit It First.”
  28. wanna be on top
    This Cycle’s Top Model Hopefuls Got to Make Music Videos AgainThe results are worse than you could ever possibly imagine.
  29. divas
    Rihanna Wears Overalls in ‘You Da One’ VideoAn innovative nightclub look by the one who’s been through them all.
  30. bump-once
    See Beyoncé’s Trailer Park Looks in Her ‘Party’ VideoIncluding but not limited to designer runway pieces.
  31. divas
    Robyn Wears Tubes Filled With Color-Changing Liquid in Her New VideoAnd at last someone pushes diva fashion forward in a way that’s not totally gross (coughRAW MEATcough).
  32. only girl in the world
    A Breakdown of Rihanna’s ‘Only Girl in the World’ Video LooksThere’s something very ‘The Wiz’–feeling about it. You know, with lots of bras.
  33. good girl gone scarecrow
    Rihanna’s New Music Video Looks Perhaps Not As Great As Her New SingleSee for yourself.
  34. i’m a i’m a a diva
    Beyoncé’s New Music Video, With Bootie ShortsSurely this is a comment on America.
  35. all ‘telephone’ all the time
    A Breakdown of Lady Gaga and Beyoncé’s Music-Video LooksIn case you haven’t watched the video enough times today, see it in still pictures!
  36. disco heaven
    The Ten Best Things About Lady Gaga and Beyoncé’s ‘Telephone’ VideoDiva history has again been made.
  37. disco heaven
    Look at Beyoncé’s ‘Telephone’ Booty Shorts!!And her short bangs! Her really short bangs!
  38. disco heaven
    Gaga and Beyoncé’s ‘Telephone’ Video Comes Out Next WeekIn which Gaga unveils the hair phone.
  39. disco heaven
    Beyoncé Will Reportedly Rescue Lady Gaga in ‘Telephone’ Video, Clad in Destroyed DenimIt’s a continuation of Gaga’s “Paparazzi” video!
  40. divas
    Rihanna’s ‘Couture Military’ Isn’t All That BadHer lack of pants, however …
  41. i’m a i’m a a diva
    12 of Beyoncé’s ‘Video Phone’ LooksAnd you thought you knew leotards.
  42. divas
    Behold: Beyoncé and Lady Gaga’s First Music-Video CollaborationGaga does NOT upstage Beyoncé.
  43. just pants
    Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ Video Includes Razor-Blade Sunglasses, Supermodels [Updated]Also: awkward dancing, latex bodysuits, etc.
  44. loose threads
    Rochas Returns to the Runway; Mulberry to Launch Dog ClothesAlso, poorly styled fans get booted from Madonna’s video for “Celebration.”
  45. just pants
    We’re Back on Team GagaShe’s got some new crazy outfits we haven’t seen before.
  46. we don’t think we’re ready for this jelly
    In Support of a Moratorium on Dancing in LeotardsBeyoncé has gone too far.
  47. run through
    Sony to Pay Louis Vuitton for Past Britney, Da Brat VideosSony BMG used Louis Vuitton’s trademark pattern in videos and on CDs by Spears, Da Brat, and Ruben Studdard, and now they have to pay!
  48. loose threads
    Man Convicted in Gucci Stock-Fraud Scandal; Sean Avery Dates a CougarAlso, Dolce & Gabbana needs a new president, Ashton Kutcher lands a Pepe jeans campaign, and Behati’s got a new music video.
  49. cult of personality
    Taz Arnold Isn’t Just ‘Fascinating’ and ‘Cubist’ — He’s a Designer!Yesterday we introduced you to the mystery man whom Cathy Horyn couldn’t take her eyes off of at the Paris shows. Today we know his name and much more.
  50. model tracker
    Irina Lazareanu ‘Kills’ Pete Doherty in New Music VideoIt pains us to say it, but Pete Doherty has been unleashed on society again. At least this time it’s just in a video where he gets beat down.
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