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  1. cut chats
    The Great Glitter Conspiracy of 2018How can anyone rest without knowing who is secretly buying so much glitter?
  2. mysteries
    Ted Cruz’s Beard Is Only Growing StrongerTwo weeks in, the Senator’s facial hair is beginning to take shape.
  3. mysteries
    What Happened to the Scientist Responsible for the First Gene-Edited Babies?He Jiankui, who claims to have conducted a controversial experiment, has reportedly gone missing.
  4. mysteries
    The Haunting of a Dream HouseA New Jersey family bought their ideal home. But according to the creepy letters they started to get, they weren’t the only ones interested in it.
  5. mysteries
    PSA: Martha Stewart Is Posting Her Halloween Transformation on InstagramFollowing along is an incredibly riveting experience.
  6. mysteries
    Fan Bingbing Spotted After Months-Long DisappearanceIn dark glasses and a baseball cap at the Beijing airport.
  7. mysteries
    Nikki Haley to Resign As Ambassador to the United NationsIt’s an oddly timed development for a rising political star.
  8. books
    Megan Abbott Is Back, With a Further Exploration of Female RageIn Give Me Your Hand, the thriller writer probes the psychological underpinnings of women who kill.
  9. mysteries
    Emmanuel Macron’s Present to Donald Trump Has Mysteriously VanishedTrees don’t typically disappear …
  10. mysteries
    Somebody Stole Yoko Ono’s $17,000 RockToronto police have launched an investigation.
  11. mysteries
    New Clues About the Fate of Amelia EarhartA new study suggests the bones found on the island of Nikumaroro in 1940 belong to the famous aviator.
  12. mysteries
    We Finally Know the Secret to Donald Trump’s HairFrom none other than his most trusted confidante: Ivanka.
  13. mysteries
    Why Do Severed Human Feet Keep Washing Ashore in Canada?Great, something new to worry about.
  14. mysteries
    Who Actually Rescued the Bunny From the California Wildfire?Two different men have come forward claiming that they’re responsible.
  15. mysteries
    Rescued Women Wish They Were Still Out at SeaThe story of Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiava takes a sad turn, as they deal with unwanted media attention.
  16. mysteries
    Taiwanese Ministry Calls Murder Accusation by Women Lost at Sea ‘Groundless’Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiava claimed that the boat credited with finding them had actually tried to kill them.
  17. mysteries
    Women Lost at Sea for 5 Months Are Now Saying Their Rescuers Tried to Kill ThemTheir story continues to get stranger and more inconsistent.
  18. mysteries
    Story From Two Women Lost at Sea for Months Is Full of Strange InconsistenciesFor starters, there’s no record of the big storm they claim happened early on in their journey.
  19. mysteries
    Blurry Photo of Amelia Earhart Found — Mystery Solved?We used to think Amelia Earhart crashed in the Pacific. But a new found photo suggests maybe we’re super wrong.
  20. mysteries
    This Woman Walked Her Cat in the Senate BuildingWhose cat is this?
  21. mysteries
    Let’s All Admire This Portrait of Kellyanne Conway Displayed in Her Living RoomWho is she?
  22. mysteries
    What Happened to Marnie’s Cat on Girls?An illustrated guide.
  23. horrible things
    The Mysterious Deaths of Two Sisters in a Luxury HotelAnnie and Robin Korkki were found dead in a private Seychelles villa.
  24. mysteries
    Yeezy Season 4 Is Taking Place in a Remote LocationAll aboard the Kanye bus.
  25. swellness
    Does Anyone Really Need a Professional Health Coach?Are they legit?
  26. mysteries
    Did This Teen Want to Vanish in the Wild?She went missing in a Wyoming national park. When she was found, she looked completely different.
  27. mysteries
    Shania Twain Fan Accused of Faking Her Own KidnappingHer mom thinks the kidnapper is still at large.
  28. deep dives
    The Mysteries of Cheerleader InstagramThere is Good Instagram and Great Instagram; this is Great.
  29. mysteries
    Why Were All These Men Touching Sarah Paulson?This photo is an American Crime Story.
  30. personality tests
    Isabel Briggs Myers Co-created the Famed Personality Test. But Who Was She? The personal history of the mystery novelist turned personality typologist is closely guarded. 
  31. hotline string
    Can Drake Tie His Shoes or Not?A mystery for Friday afternoon.
  32. mysteries
    But Why, With These Headphones?Questions regarding neckband earphones.
  33. memes
    ‘Alex From Target’ and the Mess of Uncontrollable FameWhat Alex has in common with Zoe Quinn.
  34. mysteries
    Who Is That Mystery Guest at Kimye’s Wedding? Hint: He’s wearing a dinner caftan.
  35. mysteries
    Why Your Weird Friends Are Drinking Hot Coffee in the SummerIt’s smarter than you and your fancy iced coffee, actually.
  36. mysteries
    Experts on Jil Sander: ‘The Business Is Done’Will the label hire a new designer? More importantly, who would want that job?
  37. rorschach tests
    Lady Gaga’s Furry Bird Hat Mystery: A DiscussionShe’s wearing … well, we don’t even know.
  38. mysteries
    Blake Lively Is Starting Her Own GOOPy-Sounding Company“It’s about living a very one-of-a-kind, curated life.”
  39. mysteries
    Cara Delevingne Flees Burberry in a Ski MaskIn a Hyundai, of all vehicles.
  40. literal hot shot
    Mysterious Coat Overshadows Mary-Kate Olsen’s ‘Mystery Man’Who wears a coat in this weather?
  41. mysteries
    Why Did Lululemon’s CEO Really Leave?Was she fired? Did she quit? And what about the sheer pants?
  42. burning questions
    Why Didn’t Huma Recognize Weiner’s Dick Pic?Did she even look at it?
  43. lad mags
    Elisabeth Moss Only Wears Office-Themed LingeriePeggy Olson office cardigan at all times.
  44. multi-zoom analysis
    Taylor Swift’s Red Shorts: A Multi-Zoom AnalysisThey’re high-waisted, stretchy, and red.
  45. the bloggers
    Do You Think the Sartorialist Gives Money to Homeless People?Nimrod says what?
  46. mysteries
    Why Didn’t Eunice Johnson Ever Make the International Best Dressed List?Cathy Horyn explains.
  47. faces of things
    Blake Lively in an Elevator Thinks About Blake Lively in the Desert for GucciIt’s for the brand’s new Première fragrance.
  48. mysteries
    What’s Giorgio Armani Got Up His Sleeve for Milan Fashion Week?He’s showing Sunday night, instead of Monday morning.
  49. mysteries
    New YSL Logo Proves Elusive at the Soho StoreWhether or not the brand had anything to do with this remains a mystery.
  50. ins and outs
    Doo-Ri Chung Is Leaving Doo.Ri the LabelNo word on what she’ll be up to next.
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