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  1. It Seems That ‘Learning Styles’ Are Probably a MythAnd yet the idea sure feels like it makes sense.
  2. myths
    Working Out Isn’t a Magic Bullet for Weight LossIf you’re trying to lose weight, diet may be more important than exercise.
  3. myths
    There’s No Scientific Basis for the Tongue Map of TastesAlso, people can definitely tell the difference between more than four distinct tastes. 
  4. loss aversion
    When Your First Instincts Are Probably WrongAnd how the flawed folk wisdom took hold.
  5. being an adult
    Is 10 p.m. Really the Perfect Bedtime? Spoiler alert: no. 
  6. the brain
    Pregnancy Doesn’t Actually Make Women DumberAnd the “baby brain” myth is likely contributing to prejudice against pregnant women.
  7. Hey, ScarJo: Everybody Uses More Than 10 Percent of Their BrainsAn impatient debunking of the tired, tired myth at the heart of the upcoming film Lucy.
  8. Women Aren’t Wired for Monogamy, and More MythsWe have some boneheaded ideas about boners and such.