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Nail Art

  1. nailed it
    15 New Year’s Eve Outfits for Your NailsFrom very glittery to not glittery at all.
  2. Lip Art May Be the New Nail ArtIf you can handle it.
  3. wellness theories
    Snoop Dogg on Weed, Wellness, and Good Sleep“Gotta start off the day lighting one up and eating some fruit.”
  4. beauty gif
    How to Draw a Galaxy on Your Nails Nail art for dummies.
  5. nail art is dead
    Brad Pitt Has Just Discovered the Nail-Art TrendDaaad. 
  6. nail art is dead
    ‘Undernail’ Art Is the New Nail ArtNail grime gets fancy. 
  7. backstage beauty lessons
    5 Backstage Beauty Lessons From London Fashion WeekOmbré eyes are happening.
  8. detail cam
    The Best Street-Style Beauty From Fashion WeekLoose braids and bright lips.
  9. the dedicated
    A Nail-Art Haven for People Who Hate Nail ArtA place for so-called “sophisticated nail art.” 
  10. style tribes
    Style Tribe: Cat Lady Craft NightMeow mix, nail art, and one cat man.
  11. nailed it
    Lacquerheads Pay $150 for ‘Unicorn Pee’ Nail PolishSays the New York Times
  12. awkward moments in social media
    Orly’s 12 Years a Slave Misses the PointDid they really have to give the hand model a bottle of brown polish?
  13. causes
    It’s Time for the Mani-Cam to DieIf ever there were a cause worth fighting for, this is it.
  14. golden globes 2014
    Getting Ready for the Globes: Super Fun TimesSofia Vergara eats cake and Tina and Amy drink up. 
  15. nail art
    Your Manicure Is the UniverseFashion photographer Chris Peun zooms in and reveals the universe at your fingertips.
  16. nailed
    Meet the Sisters Who Revolutionized the Nail-Wrap Industry“We have more a psychographic then a demographic.”
  17. scene stealers
    Street Style: Crop Tops, Colors, and Wild Prints at the Afropunk FestSalvador Dalí nail art included.
  18. nail art
    Nail Art Is (Finally?) DeadLong live nail art. RIP.
  19. look of the day
    Hailee Steinfeld’s Menswear-Inspired OutfitShe balanced it out with a party on her nails.
  20. zoom shots
    Zoom Shot: Serena Williams’s Vibrant Wimbeldon Nail Art Just don’t get distracted by the ring.
  21. happy father’s day
    Meet Tom Bachik, the Celebrity Nail Artist DadHe routinely practices nail art on his teenage daughter, Zoie.
  22. nailed it
    Zoom In On Taraji P. Henson’s Crazy Nail ArtIt looks like a bunch of doodles.
  23. Zoom on This: Zany Eyes From China Fashion WeekDo the models do eyelid exercises in preparation?
  24. just the details
    Beauty Cam: Check Out All the Pretty Hair and Makeup Looks From Fashion WeekDip-dye jobs are still going strong.
  25. finger painting fashion
    A Floral DIY Manicure Inspired by Thom Browne’s ShowHow romantic.
  26. finger painting fashion
    Prabal Gurung’s Chic Patterns Reimagined As Nail ArtHow to turn your fingernails into those of an urban warrior woman.
  27. nailed it
    The Cut Plays Nail Artist for the Day Backstage at the Libertine ShowBedazzling!
  28. finger painting fashion
    One Chic New Manicure, Inspired by a Runway LookHere’s how to get Creatures of the Wind’s hand-knit jacquards on your hands. 
  29. beyonce bowl
    May the Best Nail Art Win: Ravens vs. 49ersWhich DIY Super Bowl–themed manicure do you choose?
  30. holidaze
    Great Holiday Beauty Tutorials From YouTubeThey make it look so easy.
  31. nailed it
    Jimmy Fallon Gave Zooey Deschanel Nail-Art TipsThere was lots of giggling.
  32. do it youtube
    Hurricane Housebound? Seven Beauty Tricks to Teach Yourself via YouTubeSuddenly, you’ve got plenty of time for YouTube beauty tutorials.
  33. lab rat
    Three Beauty Things I Tried: Week TwoAn organic perfume, a sequined manicure, and a new cleansing balm.
  34. nailed it
    Tennis-Net Nails at David KomaLove.
  35. zoom shots
    Zoom Shot: Nail Art on the StreetGet in close to see how this look was achieved.
  36. things we saw with zoom
    Olivia Munn’s Nail Art Looks Spotty Plus, the thinnest ring you almost didn’t see.
  37. 2012 london olympics
    Olympic Nail Art: A Cut Team ThrowdownWho will win gold?
  38. Is It Weird to Call Nail Art a ‘Trend’?“It’s something that’s been around forever in the black community.”
  39. beauty marks
    The Times Embraces Nail Art; Katy Perry Covers Teen VoguePlus, British designer Giles Deacon gets a makeup line, and more beauty news.
  40. nailed it
    Some Crazy Nail Art by Sophie Harris of The Illustrated NailEven the boys got some nail action at Seagull Salon the other night.