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Nail Salons

  1. best bets
    Avant-garde Menswear, Colorful Bedside Carafes, and MoreWhat’s new in New York stores.
  2. crime
    Nail-Salon Owner Saves the Day by Shoving Robber’s Gun Back Down His PantsShe told reporters she wasn’t scared.
  3. nailed it
    Are Nail-Salon Workers Better Off Now?New insights after the New York Times investigation.
  4. nailed it
    A Major Win for Nail-Salon WorkersUnlawful salon owners will now face harsher penalties, including fines and imprisonment. 
  5. nailed it
    Hundreds of Volunteers Gather to Educate Manicurists on Their Rights People distributed informational fliers at nearly 100 New York City subway stations this morning.
  6. rituals
    What Getting Your Nails Done Really MeansAnd why the manicure habit is so hard to break.
  7. the dedicated
    A Nail-Art Haven for People Who Hate Nail ArtA place for so-called “sophisticated nail art.” 
  8. lab rat
    Lab Rat: Can the Clarisonic Pedi Outdo a Nail Salon?The new vibrating Pedi redefines the at-home pedicure.