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  1. backstage beauty
    Alexander Wang Is Coming for Your EyebrowsThe look was almost “no-makeup makeup.”
  2. advice
    How Do I Make My Lipstick Last Forever When Nothing Else Does?Don’t settle for smudged lips.
  3. best bet
    Here’s Your New Favorite MascaraA new mascara from NARS. 
  4. getting ready with
    Karen Elson Got Ready for the Met Gala With Tea and SpaghettiAnd lots of red lipstick. 
  5. friendly robots
    How to Win the Makeup in a Giant Beauty PiñataIt’s all happening on Twitter.
  6. lipstick and sunglasses
    Sunglasses and Lipstick Are All You Need for Perfect Spring StylePlus a simple white button-down.
  7. backstage beauty
    3 Perfect, New Red Lip ShadesBecause lipstick is fun.
  8. faces of things
    NARS Cosmetics Picks Coolest Muse EverTilda!
  9. Do These Crazy Eyebrow Rings Hurt?We asked all the models at Rodarte to find out.
  10. backstage beauty lessons
    5 Backstage Beauty Tips You Can Actually UseWe’ve been using surf spray wrong this whole time.
  11. beautygrams
    Lip Balm Is the New LipstickIt’s time to retire  your lipstick. 
  12. beautygrams
    Your Sweaty Face Is a Runway Beauty Trend But maybe only if it involves some light contouring.
  13. beautygrams
    Modern-Day Charlotte Ramplings at Jason WuBouncy ponytails and contoured cheeks.
  14. new yet old and not old faces
    68-Year-Old Charlotte Rampling Smolders in New NARS AdWith perfect eyeliner and a swoopy bang.
  15. nailed it
    Stop the Pastels, Try Goth Nails for SummerBecause NARS and 3.1 Phillip Lim collaborated on a new line and it’s chic.
  16. obsessive tester
    Obsessive Tester: Do We Still Hate Lip Gloss?Five Cut editors tried out spring’s newest formulations. 
  17. beauty gif
    Beauty GIF: How to Draw Stop-Start EyelinerMind the gap.
  18. beauty
    The 48 Best Cult and Classic Lip Shades of All TimeThe ultimate list for lip obsessives.
  19. 5 Easy Beauty Products to Tide You Over Until Spring Actually Gets HereReady for winter to be DONE.
  20. new faces
    68-Year-Old Charlotte Rampling Is NARS’ New FaceShe is “an endlessly watchable mystery.”
  21. backstage beauty lessons
    Can Runway Beauty Kill Mascara?What does the dearth of mascara in this year’s shows mean? We asked the makeup artists. 
  22. backstage beauty
    Runway Makeup: If It Looks ‘Nude,’ Is It Even Worth Doing?Existential Fashion Week beauty questions that I’m not sure I can answer.
  23. Beautygram: Alexander Wang’s Future BoysWeird, futuristic boyishness and bleached brows.
  24. faves
    Editor’s Picks: 5 New Lips to Try This WeekA shock of color for below-freezing temperatures.
  25. the great gatsby
    My Week Wearing Great Gatsby–Era MakeupPlus an at-home attempt at finger waves.
  26. lab rat
    Lab Rat: Makeup That Would Fly in FloridaPeachy nail polish, glossy lips, and shimmering eyeliner.
  27. mad men
    The Meaning of Eyeliner on Mad MenThe show’s makeup artist explains why Peggy’s makeup is sometimes crooked, and other one-set solutions.
  28. beautygrams
    Beautygram: Chocolate Lips at 3.1 Phillip LimPlus, how to get Kate Moss hair.
  29. zoom shots
    Zoom on This: Three Shades of Glitter at ThakoonIt’s like the starriest of nights.
  30. beautygrams
    Beautygram: Rose-Gold Eyes at Creatures of the WindPlus squiggly nail art!
  31. lunchtime beauty q&a
    Lunchtime Beauty Q&A: Where Do I Apply Blush on My Cheekbones?How to avoid that diagonal cheek-streak.
  32. beauty marks
    Backstage Beauty: Phillip LimNARS makeup artist, Francelle Daly, applied 15 coats of mascara.
  33. beauty marks
    Backstage Beauty: Thakoon“Matte is a modern way to wear red lipstick,” says makeup artist Diane Kendal.
  34. beauty marks
    Katy Perry’s New Fragrance Is No Surprise; Smartphone Acne ‘Cures’ BannedPlus, a student is offended after his teacher Sharpied his head to rectify a hairstyle that contravened his school’s dress code. Oh dear.
  35. beauty marks
    Rachel McAdams Wore a Messy, Full-Bodied Bob; Mark Ronson Does Not Enjoy Being BlondAlso, here’s a list of ten creepy beauty ingredients. Like baby foreskin.
  36. beauty marks
    Lily Cole Goes Brunette; Nars’s Bleecker Street StoreAlso, see Carey Mulligan’s latest updo, and British men give up beauty products in favor of a more “blokeish” look.
  37. beauty marks
    Carmen Kass’s Crimson Hair; Jack Black’s Fragrance DebutAlso, Nars debuts a limited-edition bento box lipstick.
  38. behind the scenes
    Backstage Video: Beauty Look at Marc JacobsThe spring 2011 look included bleached eyebrows and super-frizzy, disco-glam hair.
  39. best bets
    Best Bet: Nars Pure Matte LipstickThese rich, berry shades bring back the power pout for fall.
  40. fashion’s night out
    Where to Be on Fashion’s Night OutEighteen can’t-miss spots for shopping, drinking, elbow-rubbing, and generally proving to your Midwestern friends how cool New York is.
  41. retail therapy
    Get a Jump on Fall’s Dramatic Eye-Makeup Trend With Our Latest Shop-A-MaticWe tested 100 of our favorite eye shadows, liners, and mascaras.
  42. beauty marks
    Ellen Page Gets Glam; Nars Mascot Answers Beauty QuestionsAlso, Origins shutters its French stores.
  43. beauty marks
    Nars Casts Daphne Guinness for the Fall Campaign, May Open a Store on Bleecker
  44. beauty marks
    Snooki Ditches the Pouf; Melanie Thierry Named Face of YSL’s Latest FragranceAlso, Scott Campbell designs Louis Vuitton–monogram tattoos.
  45. beauty marks
    New Face Serum Inspired by Snake Venom; Bad Hair Days Linked to Bad MoodsAlso, Whitney Port piles on the metallic makeup.
  46. beauty marks
    Nars Launches Blush-Inspired Lip Gloss; Janet Jackson Makes the CutAlso, Stella McCartney bought a bundle of roses.
  47. best bets
    Best Bet: Nars’ Limited-Edition Multiple Tint TubesThese multipurpose sticks can be used on the lips and cheeks and come in three bright, yet sheer, shades.
  48. beauty marks
    Miranda Kerr Swears by Noni Juice; Susan Boyle Thankful for BotoxAnd Marchesa designed a free gift bag for Drugstore.com.
  49. beauty marks
    Alexander Wang’s Spring Braids Have a Moment; Amber Valetta’s New Nars CampaignAnd gray hair is becoming popular in Britain.
  50. test drive
    A Pink Gloss for All? Oh YesWe fell for Nars’s Easy Lover gloss, but could it work for any skin tone? We tested it to find out.
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