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Nastia Liukin

  1. wellness theories
    Nastia Liukin on Pilates and Seamless The Olympic medalist talks about life after gymnastics.
  2. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: NYFW Is 1 Big Game of OITNB BingoNanette Lepore was scattered with refugees from the Litchfield prison system.
  3. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Celebs Get Sweaty at Nanette LeporeBut maybe the humidity is good for your skin?
  4. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: What a Post–Gossip Girl Nanette Lepore Looks LikeSteve Buscemi and Patricia Clarkson to the rescue!
  5. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Ashlee Simpson, Nicest Celeb at BCBG Max AzriaThough Nastia Liukin made for some fierce competition.
  6. leotard central
    Nastia Liukin’s Clothing Line Appeals to Scissor-Kicking Six-Year-OldsSee pics from the adorable fashion show/gymnastics class that took place in Greeley Square.
  7. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Mickey Rourke Steals Max Azria’s ShowHe very quickly made friends with Nastia Liukin. Hmmm.
  8. make it stop
    Max Azria Is Doing a Wal-Mart Line With Miley CyrusHer evil Disney powers must be stronger than we thought.
  9. tough truths
    Nastia Liukin’s Leotards Bolster Her Denim LineThe gold-medal gymnast is having no problem selling her branded gym gear, but her denim line is another story.
  10. show and tell
    Heart Truth: Spelling Slightly Stumbles, Bynes Gives an EyefulSure, the show is all about raising awareness, which is lovely — but we just want to watch celebs hit the catwalk.
  11. campaign trail
    Nastia Liukin: Lady of the Dance in Max Azria’s Spring AdsThe Olympic gymnast’s first fashion campaign debuts!
  12. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls Contemplate Muzzle for Real Housewife RamonaEven at Fashion Week’s tired end, Ramona was operating at hyperspeed.
  13. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls Just Know That Nastia Liukin and Ryan Lochte Are in LoveIt was Olympian love at Max Azria, and don’t you try to tell us otherwise.
  14. run through
    Nastia Liukin to Sit Front Row at Fashion Week, Design ClothesMaria Sharapova invited her to Peter Som, and she’s attending Isaac Mizrahi and Cole Haan.
  15. beauty marks
    Get Michelle Obama’s Look; Gymnasts Land CoverGirl CampaignMichelle Obama’s hair and makeup looked amazing at the DNC last night ,and you can, too!
  16. beauty marks
    Bronze Medalists Receive Free Bronzer; Get Wait-listed for Black Lip GlossAlso, CVS is opening a makeup shop, Burberry’s $26 deodorant is on the way, and anti-age perfume is out.
  17. fashion yearbook
    It’s Time to Ogle the Hot Bodies of Our Olympic AthletesJust like fashion changes over time so does physical beauty. So let’s see what’s in style at the Olympics!