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  1. birth of a nation
    There Will Be a Vigil for Victims of Rape at the Premiere of Birth of a NationIt will be for ‘the unnamed victims of rape and sexual assault in the US.’
  2. Gabrielle Union Wants to Talk to Kate Upton and Amy Schumer About Privilege“Maybe I can help to explain the oppressive systems that have benefited them.”
  3. Gabrielle Union on Her Op-Ed, Sexual Assault, and The Birth of a NationShe has a message for other sexual-assault survivors like herself.
  4. interviews gone awry
    Nate Parker Interview Cut Short After Rape QuestionPR stopped the conversation when a reporter asked if the studio’s strategy had changed since Parker’s history gained media attention.
  5. sexual assault
    Gabrielle Union on Nate Parker Case: We Need to Talk About Affirmative Consent“As important and ground-breaking as this film is, I cannot take these allegations lightly.”
  6. sexual assault
    Can We Forgive Nate Parker for Learning Too Late What Consent Means?And what should we demand from him before we do?
  7. rape culture
    Nate Parker’s Bombshell Interview About Consent, Rape Culture, Male Privilege“To be honest, my privilege as a male, I never thought about it.”
  8. Is It Okay to See Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation?Supporting black art vs. reckoning with rape allegations.
  9. sexual assault
    Nate Parker Responds to the Death of His Rape AccuserIn a Facebook post, Parker writes that he has only just learned the woman died by suicide.
  10. sexual assault
    Nate Parker’s Accuser Died by Suicide in 2012, According to Her BrotherThe Birth of a Nation star was accused of rape in 1999.