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National Geographic

  1. the bigger picture
    ‘I Don’t Think a Man Could Have Taken the Picture’National Geographic celebrates 130 years of photographing women across the globe.
  2. science!
    This Artist Used Science to Replicate the Scent of PeopleShe processes the scent of your clothes.
  3. hot shot
    Angelina Jolie Would Like You to Notice the Magazine in Her Grocery BagJust a totally candid grocery-store picture.
  4. My Adventurous Life: National Geographic Photographer Jodi CobbShe’s traveled to 65 countries and is on the road for six months a year.
  5. male gaze
    Scott Eastwood (and His Abs) May Save the WorldThe Suicide Squad actor on his exercise routine and his mission to save the ocean’s declining tuna populations.
  6. turtle time
    A Manicurist Was Key in a Baby Turtle BreakthroughThey got acrylics.