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National Underwear Day

  1. cut chat room
    Cut Chat: Sisterhoods of Traveling Thongs, Slutbags, and SlampiecesThe week in vulva insults.
  2. party lines
    Is Suede’s Third-Person Shtick Just an Act?We bumped into the blue faux-hawker and were amazed at how quickly he dropped the third-person. What gives, Suede?
  3. model tracker
    Celebrate National Underwear Day by Looking at This Underwear ModelHe’s walking in the runway show being held this evening in honor of this special day and has a Jesse Metcalfe thing going on.
  4. loose threads
    Ralph Lauren Banked in ’07; Ferré Closes UES StoreAlso, Usher wants to design lingerie, J.Crew apologizes for its shoddy Website, and Victoria Beckham’s got a new gig.