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  1. the beauty of it all
    This Organic Facialist Thinks We Need To Demand Less Of Our SkinTammy Fender believes in the power of plants.
  2. pssst
    These 5 Natural Beauty Products Are Whole Foods’ Best Kept SecretSo much more than quinoa.
  3. skin deep
    Chloë Grace Moretz on Being Acne-Shamed by ProducersAnd using eye cream as a 9-year-old.
  4. skincare
    Sephora Is Launching a ‘Clean’ Beauty SectionNo toxins here.
  5. it’s all natural
    14 Natural Beauty Gifts for All Your Favorite HippiesPerfect for anyone who’s obsessed with crystals and always on a cleanse.
  6. advice
    Sane Teen Delivers a Wise Beauty Tip“Do you, boo-boo.”
  7. diet time
    I Tried 7 ‘Natural’ Weight-Loss SupplementsA (bloated, cramp-filled) performance review. 
  8. pull it together
    Outfit of the Week: Natural SciencesThe scientific method turns out a streamlined look with soft corduroy, turquoise fur, and dark-green wool.