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  1. nature is beautiful
    Finally, XXX Deep-Sea Anglerfish Porn Is HereScientists have captured video of the species mating for the very first time.
  2. science!
    This Rare and Majestic Natural Phenomenon Is Named … ’Steve’A new aurora has been discovered.
  3. nature
    Oh God, These Whales Can Imitate Human Speech NowIf whales could talk …
  4. nature
    Geologists Say Rodeo Dr. Is on Top of Earthquake Fault LineGeologists determined a fault line runs directly beneath the high-end shopping district.
  5. davos
    Mother Nature Is Rebelling Against BillionairesDavos, the home of the World Economic Forum, is being buried under snow.
  6. Now You Can Smell Like an Ancient Japanese ForestAesop’s newest fragrance wants you to embrace stillness.
  7. lunchtime buy
    The Best Perfume Smells Like Oranges and Not Like SexWho knew orange juice could smell so good?
  8. l'amour
    This Depressing Story About a Snail Named Jeremy’s Love Life Is Too RealPoor Jeremy.
  9. WATCH: This Botanical Artist Creates Intricate, Ethereal SculpturesHis work reveals the stunning fragility of nature.
  10. nature is beautiful
    Female Dragonflies Fake Their Own Deaths to Avoid MenAh, nature.
  11. getting back to nature
    Why Does Hawaii Want to Ban This Sunscreen?Your sunscreen might be harming the sea.
  12. performance art
    The Original Natural Remedy for Burnout: NatureA new book argues that spending time outside can serve as a welcome reprieve from the constant stimuli of modern life.
  13. Butterfly Species Evolving Just Fine Without MalesHow about that.
  14. Amazon’s New Tree-House Offices Are Silly. They’re Also Great for Workers.Nature makes employees happier and more productive.
  15. What Living As a Badger Taught a Professor About Being HumanLessons from a stint as another species.
  16. Rejoice, Nature-Haters — Cities Can Be Soothing, TooNeurotic people may find bustling urban environments less stressful than tranquil places.
  17. City Dwellers, It’s Time to Appreciate Nature in All Its Disgusting GloryA new book argues in favor of focusing on your city’s weeds, squirrels, and pigeons.
  18. pinspiration
    14 Animals Better at Beauty Than You AreDo it like they do on the Discovery channel. 
  19. gisele does it all
    Watch Gisele Bündchen Live Out Your Earth Mother FantasyShe plays acoustic guitar!
  20. technology
    What Happens When You Tear 6th Graders Away From Their Gadgets for Five Days No video games allowed.
  21. survival guides
    Your Survival Guide for Outdoor SexWhat if a bear interrupts? Or the police? Or a horde of bees?
  22. monogamy
    Monogamous Fruit Flies Are DumberFaithful flies: slower on the uptake.
  23. first look
    First Look: Surreal Photos from ‘Reverie Sleep’Nature meets rainbow people meets fruit suits.
  24. mating habits
    Sea Slugs Have Strange SexThey stab one another in the forehead.
  25. out of the box
    Odd Future: Shooting Spring’s Bold New Patterns and PrintsSynchrodogs, a surrealist photography duo on the rise, shoots spring’s boldest designer clothes for the Cut.
  26. Best Bet: Sondra Roberts Wooden Box ClutchSleek, elegant, and surprisingly all-natural.
  27. annals of disordered eating
    Extreme Calorie Restriction Not the Fountain of Youth, It Turns OutBut at least you’ll look good dying.
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