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  1. the body politic
    Ronan Farrow Depicts a Chilling Cover-up at NBCThe same people who let abuses happen are still running the show.
  2. snl
    SNL Fires New Cast Member Shane Gillis“The language he used is offensive, hurtful and unacceptable.”
  3. snl
    Saturday Night Live Adds 3 New Cast Members for Season 45Including writer Bowen Yang!
  4. enthusiastic recommendations
    Rest in Peace, A.P. BioThe now-canceled show’s cast of extremely funny women is just one reason you should watch.
  5. media
    Megyn Kelly Is Officially Walking Away From NBC With $69 MillionThe network is paying her the remainder of her contract, even after firing her following her comments defending blackface.
  6. media
    Megyn Kelly Could Reportedly Get at Least $30 Million to Just Go AwayShe’s reportedly finalizing her exit deal with NBC — but planning a return to TV.
  7. media
    Has Megyn Kelly Been Fired or What?Her morning show has been canceled, but it’s still unclear if she’s staying at the network.
  8. media
    Megyn Kelly Is Off the Air Today and No One Knows When She’s Coming BackOr even if she’ll be back on Today.
  9. women and power
    Megyn Kelly Knew What She Was Doing With That Dress“Just because I’m blonde and I have my sexy dress on doesn’t make me a bimbo.”
  10. investigations
    NBC Clears Up Rumors About That Button Under Matt Lauer’s DeskPrevious reports indicated that he’d used it to facilitate his misconduct.
  11. media
    Ronan Farrow: ‘There Will Be More to Say’ About Why NBC Rejected Weinstein StoryNBC News infamously killed the journalist’s story about Harvey Weinstein last year.
  12. allegations
    A Third Woman Has Accused Tom Brokaw of Unwanted TouchingThe veteran NBC anchor allegedly tried to “French kiss” the woman without her consent.
  13. media
    NBC Employees Reportedly Felt ‘Forced’ to Sign Letter in Support of Tom Brokaw“We had no choice, particularly the lower-level staffers.”
  14. media
    Megyn Kelly to Tom Brokaw Defenders: ‘You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know’The NBC host shared her thoughts on the letter that 60-plus women in media signed in support of Tom Brokaw.
  15. #metoo
    More Than 60 Women in Media Sign Letter in Support of Tom BrokawIncluding Rachel Maddow and Maria Shriver.
  16. sexual harassment
    Two Former NBC Employees Accuse Tom Brokaw of Sexual MisconductNBC has reportedly failed to handle its major sexual-misconduct problem.
  17. workplace discrimination
    Ex-Talk Stoop Host Is Suing NBC for Disability DiscriminationCat Greenleaf’s contract was quietly terminated in December 2017.
  18. winter olympics 2018
    Adam Rippon Is Now an Official Olympics CorrespondentThis is great news.
  19. megyn kelly vs. nbc
    Megyn Kelly Is Reportedly Furious That Katie Couric Is Anchoring the OlympicsShe allegedly “threw an Olympic fit.”
  20. feuds
    NBC Is Reportedly Not Happy About Megyn Kelly’s Jane Fonda Attack“You can’t say those things, or be so aggressive, on morning TV.”
  21. drama
    Megyn Kelly Is Reportedly at War With NBC ExecsThey don’t approve of who she’s trying to book for Megyn Kelly Today.
  22. consequences
    NBC Is Reportedly Demolishing Every Trace of Matt Lauer“It is almost like they want to pretend he never existed.”
  23. more sexual harassment allegations
    Two More NBC Staffers File Harassment Complaints After Matt Lauer’s TerminationAt least two more women have come forward.
  24. pivots
    Megyn Kelly Wants Her New Daytime Show to Be Good for Your SoulAfter watching, she wants people to think, “Wow. I feel great.”
  25. Megyn Kelly’s NBC Co-workers Reportedly Think She’s a ‘Diva’According to “Page Six,” they’re “outraged” by her behavior.
  26. new gigs
    Here’s What Megyn Kelly Really Thinks About Covering Politics“I want to make people feel something better than constant outrage,” she said.
  27. Here’s the First Promo for Megyn Kelly’s New ShowSunday Night With Megyn Kelly premieres June 4.
  28. Megyn Kelly Will Reportedly Start at NBC in MayBut her new Sunday show won’t debut until June.
  29. women in media
    Tamron Hall Doesn’t Believe Jobs Define Who People AreThe former NBC host reflected on her old gig.
  30. get that oprah money
    Megyn Kelly Reportedly Wants to Be the Oprah of NBCHaven’t we all wanted to be Oprah at some point?
  31. cable news news
    Megyn Kelly Is Leaving Fox NewsShe’ll be taking on an expanded role at NBC.
  32. supermodel wisdom
    Cindy Crawford on Bagels, Instagirls, and Bringing the Supermodel Era to TVAnd how she’s helping her daughter navigate the pressures of the modeling industry.
  33. you better work
    Coming Soon: That ’80s Supermodel Soap Opera You Dreamed AboutThanks to Cindy Crawford and NBC.
  34. let’s get weir
    Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski Are Going to the Kentucky DerbyHats! Hats! Hats!
  35. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Jimmy Fallon’s Slightly Refined HumorOur “Idiot Boyfriend” has matured so well.
  36. hot men
    Male Gaze: Adam Levine’s Sexy SwaggerHe’s 90 percent of the reason we watch(ed) The Voice.
  37. hot men
    Male Gaze: The Heroic Foreign CorrespondentHey, Richard Engel’s also handsome.
  38. disaster strikes
    Fashion Star Resumes ProductionThe workers’ strike is over.
  39. reality tv strikes
    Union Strike Halts Production on Fashion StarWhat a shame.
  40. rumor mill
    Savannah Guthrie Has Such a Way With Words Beautiful, beautiful words.
  41. fashion star
    Fashion Star Harder to Parse Than a NovelSeriously, it’s confusing.
  42. princesses!!!
    Royal Expert Expounds Upon Kate Middleton’s Fashion MistakesShe should weigh down her hemlines, for one.
  43. make it work
    Leanne Marshall’s Bluefly Collection Is Finally ReadyGet a first look at the most recent ‘Project Runway’ winner’s latest collection.
  44. foodies
    Nicole Miller Tries to Save Chilean Sea Bass From Jeffrey SteingartenShe fails, but you can watch the shenanigans in a new foodie reality show.
  45. reality revolution
    Details Emerge on Kelly Cutrone’s New Reality ShowWe’ll see how the “perceived crises” that happen in fashion play out, like trying to find double-sided tape for a dress at 3 a.m.
  46. make it work
    Lifetime Files Countersuit in ‘Project Runway’ Legal MessIt’s an orgy of lawsuits, people!
  47. make it work
    Now the Weinstein Co. Is Suing Over ‘Project Runway’Are we ever going to see this damn show again?
  48. make it work
    We Don’t Care If Bravo’s New Fashion Reality Show Is a ‘Runway’ KnockoffThey’ve got to fill the void somehow, and ‘Project Runway’ is getting stale.
  49. make it work
    Lifetime Enters the ‘Project Runway’ Lawsuit, Delays Air Date FurtherWe thought the show would return to the air next summer, but now it could take even longer.
  50. make it work
    Lawsuit Majorly Delays Sixth Season of ‘Project Runway’It probably won’t hit the air until late next summer.
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