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  1. making it work
    What the ‘Project Runway’ Lawsuit Means for ‘Project Runway’Taping will continue as planned while the show remains homeless. Which means LiLo stays!
  2. making it work
    ‘Project Runway’ Saved From Lifetime Move!A judge ruled NBC should have had the chance to match Lifetime’s offer for the show.
  3. run through
    Weinstein and Zucker’s Diva Battle for ‘Project Runway’Harvey Weinstein and Jeff Zucker testified before a judge over whether NBC has a shot at keeping the show. And things got nasty.
  4. run through
    ‘Project Runway’ Loses ProducersNBC struck a deal with the show’s executive producers to prevent them from following the series over to Lifetime. This show is really doomed.
  5. loose threads
    Heidi and Spencer’s New Show; More ‘Project Runway’ DramaHeidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have a ‘Newlyweds’-type show in the works, Harvey Weinstein and Jeff Zucker’s ‘Project Runway’ spat continues, and NIna still mulls.
  6. run through
    The Real ‘Project Runway’ Drama Between Weinstein and NBCUgh, television executives are so dramatic. Here’s a list of purported spats that led up to the sale of Project Runway to Lifetime and the huge NBC snub.