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  1. women abroad
    Nepal Criminalizes Custom of Banishing Women During Their PeriodsIn the past year, two teenage girls have died because of the custom.
  2. keeping up with the royals
    Scenes From Prince Harry’s Gap YearHot #HarryInNepal.
  3. Prince Harry, Woke Royal, Made a Feminist Speech“There are way too many obstacles between girls and the opportunities they deserve.”
  4. Nepal Offers New Gender Option on PassportsA win for transgender rights.
  5. leo the lion
    Leonardo DiCaprio Gives Lots of Money to Save TigersHis pet project.
  6. forms
    Nepal Adds Third Gender to FormsUseful!
  7. meet the new designer
    Meet the New Designer: Ryan RocheShe uses an all-women’s cooperative in Nepal for knits.