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  1. cinema
    Sofia Coppola’s Daughter’s TikTok Debut Has EverythingCamp friends, shallots, and generational trauma.
  2. celebrity
    O’Shea Jackson Jr. Is Proud to Be a Nepo BabyFinally, a good Hollywood nepotism take.
  3. celebrity
    Kaia Gerber Accepts Her Nepo Baby Status“I won’t deny the privilege that I have.”
  4. tabloid culture
    When Celebs Strike BackHailey Bieber’s response to the nepo-baby discourse is part of a decades-old paparazzi game.
  5. celebrity
    When You Know You’re a Nepo BabyHailey Bieber debuts a controversial graphic tee.
  6. celebrity
    Lily-Rose Depp Objects to Being Called a ‘Nepo Baby’“Maybe you get your foot in the door, but you still just have your foot in the door.”
  7. celebrity
    Maude Apatow Isn’t Thrilled With the ‘Nepo Baby’ Label“I try not to let it get to me because I obviously understand that I’m in such a lucky position.”
  8. come again?
    Gwyneth Paltrow Wants You to Know Nepotism Is Hard, TooShe told Hailey Bieber she believes the children of celebrities “have to work twice as hard.”
  9. nepotism
    Ivanka Trump, Famous Nepotism Hire, Says People Want to Work for What They GetShe’s not a fan of the Green New Deal’s job guarantee because, “I don’t think most Americans, in their heart, want to be given something.”
  10. trump administration
    Ivanka Trump Is Hard at Work in Washington — But for Whom?The First Daughter is a different kind of people’s princess, devoted to the needs of a waning king.
  11. nepotism
    Nan Kempner’s Grandkids Design Line in Her HonorIt’s called Kempner. The perfume will be called Nan.
  12. fashion progeny
    Pookie and Louisa Burch Join the Family BizAnother fruitful branch of the Waspy family tree.