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  1. ask a boss
    ‘How Am I Supposed to Network in a Pandemic?’Be specific, show you’ll use the other person’s time well, and be appreciative
  2. ask a boss
    3 Networking Tips for Frustrated OverachieversAn easy guide for women who work hard.
  3. leaning in to linkedin
    Women Don’t Promote Their Skills and Success As Much As Men Do on LinkedInEven online, men are inflating their skill sets to look more accomplished at work.
  4. This Is the Most Awkward Networking Mistake You Can MakeAs if the whole process weren’t already painful enough.
  5. Saying ‘Thank You’ Makes People See You As a Warmer PersonIt can’t hurt.
  6. To Make Networking Less Terrible, Stop Making It About YouResearch suggests that when people focus on how they can help others — instead of how others can help them — networking seems a little less awful.
  7. Networking Is Literally DisgustingBut if you don’t do it, your work performance may suffer, says a new paper.
  8. sexual networking
    Introducing LinkedUp!: The Unsexiest Dating App Out ThereSynergy is not sensual.
  9. dating
    Colleague Zone: The ‘Friend Zone’ of Work“So! What’s on the agenda?” I asked in a briskly asexual manner.
  10. old girls’ club
    Report: Pedicures Are the New LunchThey’re gluten-free.